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Small space in the bathroom for the washing machine? here is to choose from!

washer and dryer
washer and dryer
Small space in the bathroom for the washing machine? here is to choose from! it has been modified: +2018 02-08-XNUMX di Benedict Flowers

The washing machine is a really essential appliance for this we suggest you to choose a washing machine on where you can find a wide range of items for your needs. When the bathroom in your apartment is small, finding a place for the washing machine is not easy.

The solution, in these cases, is represented by the choice of built-in washing machines: smaller and more compact than the classic models, they are the ideal choice for those who have little rooms but do not want to give up the undeniable comfort that this appliance offers. In small or medium-sized apartments, such as one-bedroom and one-room apartments, taking up a lot of space in a washing machine means reducing the freedom of movement inside a room and losing precious centimeters that could be destined for other furniture.

The same type of problem can be posed when the washing machine is destined to the service bathroom (generally less big and bigger than the main one) or to the kitchen, where the space is really never enough. Why then sacrifice part of your living space when you can instead keep the rooms larger, airy and tidy by choosing a built-in washing machine?

small size but high performance

Recessed washing machines work in the same way as larger washing machines: technological advances in the sector have made it possible to equip even the smallest models with capacious baskets, extreme safety, energy efficiency and optional features for differentiated washing programs. Adjustable in height and easy to place inside a piece of furniture or under a shelf, they are the keystone to save space by choosing a functional and efficient appliance to make the laundry perfectly.

The Rex-Electrolux LI1070E washing machine, for example, in just a few centimeters (H.81,8xP.51,5xL.59,6 cm) concentrates quietness, a centrifuge that reaches 1000 revolutions per minute and a wide range of special programs (easy ironing, by hand, short, wool, etc.). Equipped with a delayed start, it is complete with a system that avoids unnecessary waste of detergent. Its porthole is wide and comfortable, as well as the basket that loads up to 7 kg of linen.

Same sizes also characterize the Rex-Electrolux LI1270E model. Designed to integrate even in the smallest environments without stealing space, this built-in washing machine further expands the power of the centrifuge (up to 1200 revolutions / minute), attenuates the vibrations thanks to a special system and is complete with special washing programs, delayed start and self-cleaning filters. All easily manageable through a practical LCD display and in perfect working order thanks to the A ++ energy class.

bath solutions with recessed washing machine

bath solutions with recessed washing machine

built-in washing machines not only in the bathroom

A built-in washing machine simplifies life even for those who want to place the appliance in their kitchen. Ideal for this requirement is, for example, the CWB1307-01S model of the Candy brand. With minimum space to fit in every room (H: 82 cm, L. 59,6 cm, P. 54,1 cm) is powerful, safe and solid. It can also load 7 Kg of laundry and its centrifuge reaches 1300 revolutions per minute. A LED sensor indicates the washing time, while the energy class A + ensures maximum savings. Numerous washing options: in addition to the standard programs for cotton and synthetics, it offers exclusive washes such as the CombiWash, the delicate and the Mix & Wash. Thanks to the half load, it optimizes time and consumption in the event of a reduced amount of laundry. Advanced technology and the ability to disappear in any piece of furniture also characterize the Electrolux EWG147540W built-in washing machine, which slightly reduces the load capacity (6 Kg) but increases the spin speed up to 1400. Save space thanks to its compactness (H.81,8xP.55,5xL.59,6 cm) and allows a personalized, safe and effective use.

Among its main plus: the maxi porthole, the display, the wash finish, standard and special programs, advanced safety systems (children, detergent savings, overheating, overflow). Highly innovative is the Hoover HWB814DN1-S built-in washing machine, which stands out for its large and intuitive display and the load capacity that reaches 8. It hides behind the door of any furniture (H.82xP.54,1xL.59,6 cm) and has nothing to envy to the larger models. It allows you to adjust the start, has quick washings, offers a wide choice of washing options (including the anti-allergy), ensures energy efficiency and maximum silence.

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