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Floor Gres Effect Cement Ceramics by Supergres

porcelain tile flooring fake cement Smart Town Dark750x500
Floor Gres Effect Cement Ceramics by Supergres it has been modified: 2013-01-29 di Christian Linkness

Smart Town is the evocative name of one of the latest collections of ceramics made by the Emilia Supergres ceramics during the last edition of Cersaie in Bologna. For convenience, is defined as a line of porcelain tiles cement effect. In fact, it is much more than a simple collection of tiles.

Smart Town is a authentic furniture project, A comprehensive solution that can be used for floors and walls in residential both in public and commercial, Both inside and outside.

Choose Smart Town to furnish their home or their public exercise means giving style, design, functionality and high quality technical environments.

A key feature that distinguishes this collection is the availability of 3 different surface finishes designed specifically to meet every need of furniture.

Surface Natural is suitable for any environment; essenso slip, lends itself perfectly to public spaces. perfect for decorating public and commercial.

Glossy the surface is smooth and slightly structured, ideal for residential spaces interior.

Finally the surface Structure is perfect for outdoor paving.

Smart Town is available in 6 colors modern and contemporary, which can be matched easily to the current trend of furniture (dark, gray, silver, ivory, sand and nut) and in 4 formats expanded that enhance spaciousness (× 75 75, 60 60 ×, × 30 60, 37,5 75 ×).

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