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Floors wood look

in porcelain stoneware tiles wood look
Floors wood look it has been modified: 2012-11-19 di Christian Linkness

It is now a fact: the Italians prefer the collections of tiles that reproduce the warm grain of the wood in the real hardwood floors. The reasons are well known: the tiles present a range of characteristics such as ease of cleaning, resistance, minimum maintenance which make them definitely preferable to wood which, being a living material, is more delicate and subject to changes due to light, heat and moisture in the environment.

Cersaie 2012, the Emilian company Supergres ceramics presented, among others, a new collection of in porcelain stoneware tiles wood look, Able to recreate the warm and cozy atmosphere of wooden floors: it is called La Première.

In this series the naturalness of the wood meets the resistance of porcelain stoneware and with it merges to create pavements full of style, personality offices, perfect for any home environment and civil contexts.

The Premiere comes in 6 different shades, All current and perfectly matched with contemporary furnishings: naturel, miel and barrels represent the colors of a more classical, while café, smoked and pickled themselves as the most modern colors.

Two sizes available: × 19.7 120 and 14.7 120 × (for both the thickness is 10 mm). The goal is to reproduce the poses typical of the wooden planks.

The final effect is a natural floor that goes well with any style, from modern to classic, and all materials, from stone to marble, from concrete to steel: a floor that does not tire and survives fashions.

Compared to natural wood, porcelain tile does not change color or appearance over the years, but remains unchanged. It is also more resistant to heat, not affected by humidity or the aggressiveness of cleaning products, does not absorb, does not scratch or wear. And, in case of floor heating, it is a better conductor of heat.

For the series The Premiere are planned some special pieces such as steps, corners and baseboards: these items are made to order and are available on all colors.

being a living material, it is subject to changes due to light, heat and humidity in the environment.

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