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New valve to H Arteclima. High Style for heated towel rails.

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New valve to H Arteclima. High Style for heated towel rails. it has been modified: 2015-05-28 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

Arteclima expands its range of components for hydrothermal radiator with High Style, the valve series Mono / Bitubo, which ensures the most complete versatility.

The new proposal Arteclima ensures high performance, satisfying also the logistical needs and aesthetic. In fact, the innovative radiator valves Mono / Bitubo High Style, with distance attacks 50mm, can be placed on the heating elements in distribution systems Bitubo or distribution facilities Monotubo, simply opening or closing the bypass, located in the middle of the body.

Valves, traditionally for plants built with copper pipe or multilayer pipe, are equipped with "unified attack 24 19 × F /" or "attack 3 / 4 Eurocono" to connect to the pipes and unions from 1 / 2 "must be worn rubber on the thread, for installation to the heating body.

The High Style collection consists of three different variants, among which you can choose, depending on where the delivery and return of the vector fluid are positioned with respect to the heating body. In fact, the following versions are available: thermostatic valve on the right and left hand pressure regulator, thermostatic valve on the left and right hand pressure regulator, and double valve regulator.

In addition, with an eye to the visual impact of the product, Arteclima offers High Style with a white RAL9010 painted surface and a glossy Chrome finish.

Finally, for maximum aesthetic satisfaction, Arteclima offers a series of valves furnishing total white, called TW, with completely white finish.

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termo3 part H ter

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