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Studio apartment? The space-saving ideas for decorating with style

Studio apartment? The space-saving ideas for decorating with style it has been modified: +2015 di Chiara Bucalossi

Furnishing small spaces or where lack of space means knowing how to exploit and optimize all spaces as efficiently as possible, using shelves, sliding walls, containers and comfortable lofts.

Here is some useful advice to exploit every centimeter at your disposal, without sacrificing style and design.

Sleeping area: choose a loft bed or sliding walls Japanese style

To separate the living area from the night, structure the environment by building niches ideals: a sliding wall, such as those used in Japanese environments, can help you create two separate locations. The sliding door, glass with aluminum frame, you can go from the bedroom to the living room with a solution of continuity, which divides without breaking and combines with the bright airiness of transparent matter.

If the ceilings permit Currency the idea of ​​a loft, Which exploit the verticality of the room: the underside you can put a desk or the wardrobe.

Both the solutions are for example proposed by its specialized in the distribution of furniture and furnishings in the Japanese style.

For bathroom furnishings choose saving design

The decor of the bathroom often has to deal with confined spaces, use the design to maximize the room at your disposal. Curved lines and compact size for the health of the new generation, who earn centimeters and are easier to clean. The sink is very outstanding to derive additional space: you can enter under a shelf with soaps and beauty department.

Use all the space at your disposal

If you have an unused room or a hall large enough, ideally cut out a part: you can install some shelves and use a tent to make invisible the new space, Which you can use as storage or for clothes.

Exploits Découpage and create your seating study

You can accomplish your work area using a old table in wooden slats, duly repainted with a personal note, thanks to decoupage. Add a floor lamp that can create a powerful beam of light: books and magazines can find their place on metal shelves against the wall. Simply a tent to make them invisible.

Build yourself your open closet

You do not have an wardrobe? Build it on sight, using an entire wall. You can mount one stender metal around it and build a wooden structure: it will be a convenient place to store accessories, scarves and shirts, as well as being useful in protecting clothes from dust.

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