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Inaugurated LAGRANGE12 residence in Turin, a few steps from Piazza San Carlo, a palace of the '600 back to the city

Inaugurated LAGRANGE12 residence in Turin, a few steps from Piazza San Carlo, a palace of the '600 back to the city it has been modified: +2016 09-30-XNUMX di Benedict Flowers

In the heart of the promenade and the shopping Turin, in via Lagrange 12, has inaugurated a residential project which is presented as a dialogue between the historical forms neoclassical and contemporary architecture, a residence that has the flavor of the style without time for which the the city is loved in the world.

It gives citizens a renovated historic building in the balance between the old forms, cutting-edge technology, design and comfort. An area of ​​3500 square meters, seven exclusive apartments designed by the architects of the Building Group ( in collaboration with Pininfarina, a store on two floors and two penthouses with roof terrace make up the project.Deco, Italian company decking, took care of covering the terraces of the two penthouses, a total of 500 m2.

The product chosen for the project, is the UltraShield® composite wood, the elegant antique gray and perfectly adapted to the residence, offering it the aesthetics and the warmth of natural wood to the latest generation of composite wood advantages. Thanks to a special anti-scratch plastic shield and anti-stain and externally protects the plank, UltraShield® is indeed a nice product to the touch, beautiful, durable, resistant and immune to changes in color over time.

It is also an eco-friendly choice: the wood flour making up the profile is made from recycled wood chips, with zero impact on deforestation, and the component of HDPE (high density polyethylene), PVC is a substitute, completely biodecomponibile .

As Paul declares Damiani, one of the three co-founders of Deco 'by 2010, year of birth of the company, to date, our turnover has increased tenfold, thanks to the quality offered in terms of product, service provided and customer relations in addition to the professionalism of our sales network. Credit for this success is also the UltraShield® profile selected for this residence, an exclusive Deco, who is revolutionizing the way people interpret the decking throughout the country. "




Photo credits (Piero Ottaviano ©)

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