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The vertical garden Sundar Italy for a modern loft

The vertical garden Sundar Italy for a modern loft it has been modified: +2016 di Valentina Vincenti

Contemporary decor, natural materials such as stone and wood, combined shades of gray and brown with some white detail: this is the style of an attic flat, recently renovated, in which he stars the man-nature relationship.

This feature is further emphasized by the vertical garden Sundar Italy that, from the living area, rises up to the loft, following, in the upper part, the trend of the wooden roof pitch. Visible from all over the loft, furnishes and gives warmth, standing out by size (12mq) and the alternation of light and dark green shades that illuminate and enliven the spaces.

The vertical garden has been designed by company engineers analyzing the client's needs, spaces and their characteristics; from here, the choice of plants to be used appropriate to the design and environmental conditions, as well as the aesthetic effect.

Realized with the modular system of Patrick Blanc, it has been delivered to the customer as a 'finished product' as the modules have been kept in the nursery for growing plants; These panels were then mounted in the apartment on the appropriate structure in aluminum.

To ensure easy and continued maintenance of the vertical garden, the company installed an automatic system of ferti-irrigation and a remote control unit that maintains constantly monitored the wall sending messages, even on smartphones, related to the 'health check', An operation or operations to be performed.

The inclusion of a vertical garden in an apartment, as well as aesthetic effect, conveys a feeling of well-being, contributes to a better environment thanks to the natural characteristics of sound absorption and stabilizes the moisture.



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