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The wooden cladding for external Deco to Expo 2015

Deco Angelim
The wooden cladding for external Deco to Expo 2015 it has been modified: 2015-11-09 di MDIP

Deco, A leader in the field of wood siding exterior, has contributed to various pavilions at Expo 2015.

Three products present at the event: Angelim Amargoso (Decking in exotic hardwood) in Hall Thailand, Decowood WPC (Decking Composite wood) in the halls Chile and Banca Intesa San Paolo, UltraShield® (Wood decking composite Next Generation) in Hall McDonald's.

The extreme geographical variety of Chile is the characteristic that wants to be exhibited to the visitors of Expo Milano 2015. To capture its attention, the Pavilion fosters an experiential journey through the different ecosystems, deserts, rivers, valleys and
mountains, showing how life grows in each of them and with what tools it is preserved. The main material, wood, is used to remember that the forest area in Chile is increasing. Décowood WPC, one of the two composite woods offered by Déco and selected in the stone-gray version for the entire 1500 m2 flooring of this pavilion, is perfect to carry on this concept: it is in fact a totally eco-sustainable product: wood that composes it is made from recycled chips and is therefore zero impact on deforestation, while the plastic component is in HDPE (high density polyethylene), a completely biodecomponable PVC substitute.

For these reasons Décowood WPC is totally disposable and therefore openly deployed to support the environment. The result is a covering that expresses all the appeal of wood combined with the resistance of polyethylene and respect for the environment.

Déco has also been selected for the complete realization of the entire interior and exterior flooring of the brand pavilion known throughout the McDonald's world. For this pavilion was chosen UltraShield®, the latest Déco innovation and top of the range product. Result of a long research and a modern American technology, UltraShield® is a composite wood profile of next generation, high quality, designed to combine efficiency and aesthetics, with a decisive innovation: a special plastic shield that protects the slat from the outside, making it extremely durable, resistant and immune to color variations over time.

The shield of UltraShield® is also anti-scratch and stain-resistant, perfect to accommodate the numerous visitors to the pavilion. The result is a stave that offers the aesthetics and warmth of natural wood, combined with the advantages of composite wood.

Like Décowood, UltraShield® is also an eco-sustainable product. For the McDonald's pavilion was chosen in the Teak color version.

The Thailand Pavilion, which covers a total area of ​​2.947 square meters, represents the ngob, the typical hat of rice farmers. The base instead represents the Pagoda, a real reference to community sentiment. The exotic essences Angelim Amargoso and Ipe Lapacho, used to floor the inside and outside of the pavilion for a total area of ​​250 square meters, are South American wood, very elegant and warm in color, which perfectly match the other materials used for the project.

Finally, Déco was chosen for the first pavilion that saw the light at Expo2015, that of Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, which was designed by architect Michele De Lucchi and is an exhibition space full of events for the duration
of the event. The space stands on an area of ​​almost 1.000 square meters and overlooks the Decumanus. The work, created with entirely ecological and recyclable materials, evokes the natural elements and recalls the themes of sustainable development and respect for the environment. Here too Décowood WPC, with its elegant wide and long slats, chosen in the tropical brown version, is perfectly in line with the project's objectives.

Deco Angelim SDM

Deco Angelim

Deco Decowood SDM

Deco Decowood

Deco UltraShield sdm

Deco UltraShield

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