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Deco presents profile UltraShield®, the new generation "parquet for external"

Deco detail UltraShield®
Deco detail UltraShield®
Deco presents profile UltraShield®, the new generation "parquet for external" it has been modified: +2016 di Benedict Flowers

Innovation, quality and aesthetics are the watchwords of UltraShield®, the new product Deco, an Italian company specialized in exterior wood cladding.

UltraShield® is a high-quality composite wood profile of the latest generation, the result of a long research and modern American technology, designed to combine efficiency, aesthetics and quality. Its surface coating, a special plastic shield that is extruded together with the internal mix-product, protects it externally, making it extremely durable, resistant and immune to color variations over time.

The UltraShield® shield is also anti-scratch and anti-stain. This protective plastic film allows an excellent rendering of the exposed surface: the result is a stave that offers the aesthetics and warmth of natural wood, combined with the advantages of composite wood.

UltraShield® is immune to any type of external, natural, environmental or chemical aggression, and is resistant up to 35 years from installation, without maintenance. Thanks to an innovative installation system, UltraShield® also makes it possible to considerably reduce the natural expansion of the slats.

In line with the philosophy of Déco, UltraShield® is an eco-sustainable product: the wood flour that composes it is made from recycled chips and therefore has zero impact on deforestation, while the component in HDPE (high density polyethylene), it is a completely biodecomponable PVC substitute.

Deco UltraShield®

Deco UltraShield®

Available colors: brown 'Teak' - gray 'Antique'
Dimensions: mm thickness 22,5, 138 mm width, length 2200 mm.

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