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Know the city: conference with Franco Pure in Padua

Franco Pure Knowing the city
Know the city: conference with Franco Pure in Padua it has been modified: 2015-10-06 di Benedict Flowers

Knowing the city: keynote architect Franco Pure in Padua, 9 October in the Palazzo della Gran Guardia, the final event of Padua 2015 architecture.

"Knowing the city" is the title of the conference featuring the famous architect Franco Purini, awaited in Padua within the Padova 2015 architecture event organized by the Associazione Di Architettura.

The lectio magistralis, scheduled for October 9 at the 18.30, is housed in the Palazzo della Gran Guardia, in the same frescoed hall where the projects of the five architects who participated in the International Architecture Workshop are exhibited: Max Dudler, Franco Stella, Paolo Zermani, Bruno Messina, Josè Ignacio Linazasoro.

"The presence of architect Franco Purini at the end of the Padova 2015 architecture demonstrates and confirms the program's intentions of the association. The architect will comment on the areas of study and the works on show at the Gran Guardia and present some of his projects, starting from the Eurosky Tower in Rome ", says Cinzia Simioni of the Association of Architecture.

An architect, essayist and university professor, Franco Purini is one of the leading exponents of Italian neo-nationalism, in particular of the so-called designed architecture. With the intense project activity, always marked by great experimentation, he investigated the relationship between project and representation, city and architecture, architecture and landscape.

His drawings are kept in public and private collections including the Center Pompidou, the Museum of Architecture in Frankfurt and the Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires.

He taught in Venice, Reggio Calabria, Milan, Ascoli Piceno.

Among its most important projects, the popular housing in Naples for the post-earthquake reconstruction program, the new Termini Station in Rome, the five squares of Gibellina in Sicily and the Eurosky Tower in Rome, under construction. "The Eurosky Tower presents itself as a clearly recognizable element, an authoritative and lasting metropolitan sign that represents an ideal door in the urban landscape, an architectural emergency that is becoming a strongly characterized place, a further element of the great Roman architectural narration", anticipated the architect.

In 1980 he was one of the architects called by Paolo Portoghesi at the Venice Biennale to participate in the installation "Strada Novissima", which will become a manifesto of postmodern Architecture. In the 2006 he was the curator of the new Italian pavilion on the occasion of the X International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

Since 2003 teaches at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Rome.

He is the author of numerous articles, essays and books including Didactical Architecture (Reggio Calabria, 1980); Compose the architecture (Bari \ Roma, 2000); Franco Purini. The works, the writings, the criticism (Milan, 2000); The equal city (Padua, 2005); The Italian measure of architecture (Bari \ Roma, 2008).

He is a member of the National Academy of San Luca and the Academy of Arts and Design of Florence.

Free admission subject to availability.

The exhibition of the projects of Padua 2015 all'11 architecture is open until October.

Knowing the city: keynote architect Franco Pure in Padua

Knowing the city: keynote architect Franco Pure in Padua

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