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"Architecturama" of Damast. Architects realize the project. Damast gives him the products.

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"Architecturama" of Damast. Architects realize the project. Damast gives him the products. it has been modified: 2015-03-27 di Lorenzo Lorenzo Strona Strona & Partners & Partners

Registration is open to "Architecturama", the opportunity offered by Damast for inserting 12 projects within the new catalog 2016 / 2017.

The company, devoted to customizing the shower, has devised an original initiative in pursuit of his next publication, dedicated to its numerous products with functionality and design.

Damast invites architects and designers, both Italian and foreign, to present their project for the furnishing of spaces with the proposals of the brand. Those who choose to seize this opportunity, can choose between a wide range of showers, shower heads, ups and downs and additions, to set up the environment. All elements chosen - this particularity of the innovative Architecturama - Will be provided free Damast: an attractive incentive to join, thus discovering the full potential of the items that make up the current catalog.

The key feature that designs must possess is the ability to excite. Therefore, in line with the spirit Damast, the preparations must be strong emotional impact. Photographs documenting the project, at most three, should be sent in digital format, at a resolution of 300 dpi, accompanied by a brief description in Italian and / or English, by next June 30. After careful evaluation, the company will select the photographs more exciting, that will make up the unprecedented catalog.

To register:

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