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Deco presents the new UltraShield® profile

Deco presents the new UltraShield® profile it has been modified: 2015-03-06 di MDIP

Innovation, quality and aesthetics are the watchwords of UltraShield®, the new product that Deco, A company specializing in wood siding exterior, presents for the first time at Made Expo.

UltraShield® is unique in its class and is presented exclusively by Deco as absolute novelty in Italy.

Result of a long search and a modern US technology, UltraShield® is a wood composite profile of the second generation of high quality, designed to combine efficiency and aesthetics, with a decisive innovation: its surface coating, a special plastic shield that is extruded along with the mix-domestic product, making it extremely durable exterior protects , durable and immune to variations in color over time.

The shield of UltraShield® is also anti-scratch and anti-stain. This protective film also allows obtaining an excellent surface finish in sight, that is unmatched. The result is a stave like no other that offers all the beauty and warmth of natural wood, combined with the advantages of wood composite.

UltraShield® is immune from any kind of external aggression, natural, environmental or chemical, and is resistant to 35 years from installation, maintenance-free. Thanks to an innovative system of installation, UltraShield® allows to contain substantially the natural expansion of the staves.
In line with the philosophy of Deco, UltraShield is an eco-sustainable wood flour that composes it is made from recycled wood chips and is therefore zero impact on deforestation, while the component of HDPE (high density polyethylene), is a substitute PVC completely biodecomponibile.

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