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TOTALLY LOST edition 2015

TOTALLY LOST edition 2015 it has been modified: 2015-09-30 di Benedict Flowers

Kicks off TOTALLY LOST edition 2015 the second open call the EU to examine the relationship between buildings symbol of the regimes' 900 and contemporary.

Spaces Undecided and European Cultural Route ATRIUM (Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the XX Century in Europe's Urban Memory) present the second edition of Totally Lost: a video-photographic research aimed at discovering and mapping the architectural legacy of the European totalitarianisms of the 20 century, now abandoned.

A heritage that includes buildings of power, party seats, military shelters, factories, airports, homes, colonies, cities of foundation, schools, memorials, stadiums and other places with an uncertain future.

Through the gaze of photographers, videomakers and urban explorers, Totally Lost aspires to reveal how these buildings are not "totally lost" but represent fragments of the contemporary landscape in continuous relationship with those who observe them.

What is the relationship of these places in abandonment with the city that lives and changes around? How does their position in the urban or natural context communicate, then, how today can we? By turning into spaces of artistic and creative research, can they become incubators for new and democratic contents?

Drawing inspiration from these questions, the 2015 edition wants to expand and enrich the mapping created on the platform thanks to the materials received during the first edition of the contest, as well as continuing with the intent of re-reading the critical architectural heritage of undisputed value.

The photographs and videos that will be received by 31 December 2015 on will be evaluated and rewarded by a commission and will be part of a traveling public exhibition curated by Spazi Indecisi, based on the previous exhibitions dedicated to the project in Italy (2013), Hungary (2013) and Luxembourg (2014).

Totally Lost 2015 edition
A project of Undecided Spaces and ATRIUM Architecture of Totalitarian Regimes of the XX Century in Europe's Urban Memory
Deadline: December 31 2015

More information and how to participate on

Indecisi Spaces is an active collective from 2010 that experiments with cultural devices for the temporary and light reactivation of abandoned spaces. It was born to catalyze new energies on places
forgotten, to make them emerge from the subconscious to the urban collective consciousness.

TOTALLY LOST edition 2015

Monument of Buzludzha (Bulgaria) - Photo Kamren Barlow

4_Bulgaria_Monument of Buzludzha_Photo Kamren Barlow TOTALLY LOST edition 2015

Monument of Buzludzha (Bulgaria) - Photo Kamren Barlow

5_Hungary_Kelenföld Power Plant_Photo ReginaldVandeVelde - TOTALLY LOST edition 2015

Thermoelectric plant Kelenföld, Budapest (Hungary) Photos¸ Reginald Vande Velde

6_Croatia_Podlabin Mine

Mine Podlabin (Croatia). Photo Lorenzo Linthout

7_ITALIA Fara Holiday Camp - TOTALLY LOST edition 2015

Cologne "Gustavo Fara," Chiavari (Italy) - Photo Daniel Campi Martucci

11 Italia_Colonia RosaMaltoniMussolini_Giulianova_Photo Lorenzo Mini - TOTALLY LOST edition 2015

Cologne Rosa Maltoni Mussolini - Giulianova (Italy) - Photo Lorenzo Mini

1_ROMANIA_Photo Mircea Struteanu_IMG_8756

Defensive unit abandoned, Cluj (Romania) - Photo Mircea Struteanu

2_ROMANIA_Photo Mircea Struteanu_IMG_8775

Defensive unit abandoned, Cluj (Romania) - Photo Mircea Struteanu

8 - ALBANIA Spac prison camp, Lezhë (Albania) - Photo Nicola Avanzinelli

Prison camp at SPAC, Lezhë (Albania) - Photo Nicola Avanzinelli

HUNGARY Tibor Smid_Lost Station 9 02

Train station, Budapest (Hungary) - Photo Tibor Smid

10 Albania Palace of King Zog_Photo Roberto Bern

Palace of King Zog - Durres (Albania) - Photo Roberto Bern

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