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[MILAN] World Expo Pavilion Competition by [AC-CA]

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Milan It is the second most populated city in Italy. The city in a "tight" has a population of 1,3 million, while the metropolitan area has a population of over 4 million.

Milan is an important capital of fashion and design world, it is full of great museums, theaters and world-renowned monuments such as the Duomo, Which it is fifth among the largest cathedrals in the world and Santa Maria delle Grazie with paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, place World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. The city is visited by more than 6 million visitors a year.


The Expo 2015 It will be hosted by the city of Milan, Italy, between May and the 1 31 October.
The theme for the Expo 2015 Milan is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.
This includes technology, innovation, culture, traditions and creativity and their relationship with food and nutrition.
And 'The participation of over 130 countries and a large number of international organizations.

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The end of the international competition is the design of a Information pavilion in the World Expo Park in Milan.
The competition hopes to achieve the following objectives:

  • Promote and reward research ideas that integrate the various constraints of the design: the function, structure and details with the "esprit" of the theme of 'Expo 2015.
  • Research and study of the various possible combinations to create an information pavilion that will be used by the visitors during the course of the Expo.
  • Encourage the use of sustainable design in all its various aspects.


It is a competition to single phase with the aim of identifying the most appropriate proposal that best meets the general criteria and specific objectives of the competition.


Can participate Architects, graduates, engineers, students. Even interdisciplinary teams are invited to take part in the competition.
You can send individual or group work (up to 4 members). There are no age limits


Projects declared winners receive prizes totaling US $ 6000

1 PRIZE: US $ 3.500
2 PRIZE: US $ 1.700
3 PRIZE: US $ 800

7 other projects will be awarded with an honorable mention.
This is an open international competition organized by [AC-CA] ™ for the sole purpose of promoting and generating ideas of contemporary design. It is not planned the construction of the winning design.


Ad Official Competition - July 8 2014
Start of the competition and pre-registration - July 10 2014
Deadline for registration - October 31 2014
Deadline submission of projects - November 5 2014
Evaluation of the jury - from November to 10 17 2014 November
Results and winners announced on - November 20 2014

For more information and for the official announcement:

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