Wikihouse and hybrid houses, are suitable for social projects?

Wikihouse and hybrid houses, are suitable for social projects? it has been modified: 2011-09-16 di Danielle

Joseph Sandy Hybrid House

The opinions about the project are as varied as the fury of its history. From emerging communities enthusiastic that promote the enterprise based on the Open Source philosophy, led by Richard Stallman with the creation of free software and extended to other sectors such as architecture, the most ironicConsidering that the proposed solution could create a Favela Chic uninhabitable. The debate is on the table, and not just rotates around the issues of joint planning, or crowdsourcing. The questions are: is what we consider "poor" just an aesthetic question? A sleek and well done can permanently change the outlook (even knowing that it is cheap)? It will be welcomed by those who use them?

From a philosophical point of view, design, architecture, stand in the way in how we decide our actions in space. But this does not mean that the way it is in these projects has its horizon of operation and its possibilities.

So, starting from the idea of ​​the open source community for the development and improvement of building models, presents its models, achievable even without power tools. It is to generate design houses relatively cheap, with low carbon and recyclable materials. The structural system is based on wooden fins, spaced 55 inches between them, which vary in size and shape, which are connected to each other create a solid structure. I models must be able to be habitable for at least a year. I imagine that the purpose of the project are rather emergency situations, seasonal, even a use other than proper residential, commercial or simply decorative. In any case, the originality of the proposal is interesting.


Another project in the same orbit is by the architect Giuseppe Sandy, Housing Hybrid for $ 300. Presented as a form of community, powered by solar panels. The design and cost recall the most attention. The fUNCTIONALITY resides in metallic materials, the thermal mass and the wood, configurable according to weather patterns, followed by the urban project adjacent. Both factors are the keys to optimal environmental conditions for project implementation.

But is that a company essentially problematic needs a low cost solution? What will these initiatives? Even if our actions are conditioned by these created spaces, they must be combined with seriousness in symbiosis with the environment, atmospheric conditions, terrain and culture. If you go to the projects of social improvement, obviously this requires special ethical motivation and planning as well as architects and engineers, as well as political.

This reflection is met by the Ikea paradigm of the "democratization of design", of evident economic allusion (because if it were "political", then we would be talking about crowdsourcing). It is, therefore, to understand whether these practices contribuisconoin demonstrably and effectively to improving the quality of life of communities.



Las opiniones en relación to proyecto son tan variadas como el furor de su noticia. Desde los entusiastas de las emergentes comunidades que fomentan el empredimiento based on the philosophy of Open Source - impulsada by Richard Stallman with the creación of the software libre y que se hizo extensible to otras áreas, como la arquitectura- hasta los más irónicos, which consideran the solución planteada will create an inhabitable Favela Chic. The debate is in the mesa, y no turns precisely in the heart of the shared design, or including crowdsourcing. Las preguntas son: ¿lo que consideramos “infravivienda” es tan only a cuestión estética? Does an intelligent design y bien logrado permanently change las perspectivas (aún sabiendo que es barato)? ¿Tendrán a positive acid por quienes los utilicen?

Desde a philosophical perspectiva, el diseño, la arquitectura, if a la manera que interponen decidimos nuestras acciones en el espacio. Pero esto no quiere decir que el que estos proyectos way estén situados no vaya to determinar on propio horizonte de funcionamiento y sus posibilidades.

Así, delegation en sus premisas the idea de comunidad open source destined to desarrollo y mejora de plantillas y modelos de construcción, viables including sin herramientas eléctricas. Se trata de generar viviendas with a relatively bared design, de baja emisión de carbono, y de materiales reciclables. On the estructural system is based in aletas de madera, spaced at 55 cm from the distance, which can vary in shape and shape, and which conectados between sí harán la estructura sólida. The models must be logged in for habitables for men and women año. Eso nos hace intuir en los proyectos una finalidad más bien emergencial, de temporadas, and including otras que no sean la habitación propamente, sino usos comerciales or merely decorativos. De todos modos, the originality of the propuesta is evident.

Otro proyecto en la misma órbita es el arquitecto of Joseph Sandy, y Vivienda de Hibrida 300 dólares. Presentadas también en forma de comunidad, son alimentadas por paneles centrales de energía solar. El diseño y el coasts llaman the atención. The funcionalidad reside en los materiales -Metal, térmica masa y madera configurables según los patrones climáticos, seguido of proyecto urban adyacente. Ambos factores dan las claves de las condiciones ambientales Optimas para la modelo of implementación

However, is it that a socially problematic society needs a solución barata? Qué alcance permitirá tales empredimientos? Aunque nuestras acciones estén condicionadas por estos espacios creados, estos deberán conjugarse con seriedad en symbiosis al environment, a las condiciones climáticas, relieve, y cultura. It is destined to proyectos de mejoría social, obviously necessary a planeamiento razonado and especially ético también for part of the architects and ingenieros, además de los políticos.

Esta reflexión comes de encuentro to the paradigm of Ikea de la "democratización del diseño", of evident alusión económica (pues si fuera "política" entonces sí estaríamos hablando de crowdsourcing). Queda, de ese way, and questioner is de estas practicidades anunciadas contribuirán de manera demostrable efectiva y la calidad de vida en la mejoría de las comunidades.

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