Vite Boutique Gastronomica, the immersive and multisensory atmosphere signed by Instabilelab

Vine Gastronomic Boutique by Instabilelab
Vite Boutique Gastronomica, the immersive and multisensory atmosphere signed by Instabilelab it has been modified: 2023-03-10 di Benedetto Fiori

Instabilelab, the Venetian company specializing in wallpapers, fabrics and carpets, has designed the spaces of the new Vite Boutique Gastronomica in Mirano (VE), a new food and wine hub of excellence that follows the success of the Il Cantiere Art District space in Treviso , where the Vite restaurant is located.

In collaboration with the young chef Simone Selva, the youngest Michelin star of 2021, Instabilelab has created an immersive and enveloping atmosphere through Custom-me, a design proposal that allows maximum customization of spaces according to the customer's needs and tastes.

The design of Instabilelab was able to combine delicacy and personality, projecting the many souls of the Venetian company onto the surfaces of Vite Boutique Gastronomica, with the absolute protagonist being the Frida graphic, which evokes balances between color and shape, light and shadow, geometry and nature.

Stefano Munaretto, CEO and founder of Unstablelab, underlined the importance of this collaboration with the Treviso Art District Shipyard, a non-standard design that focuses on excellence and that reaches the customer through a multi-sensory experience. These projects allow the company to field its creations and its 360° vision, which now form the backdrop in two different locations for the haute cuisine proposals of chef Simone Selva and the entrepreneurship of Davide Vanin and Mattia Bordini.

Vite is a fine dining restaurant that comes to life inside a design concept store, where every piece of furniture is on sale. An exclusive place, one of a kind, the perfect place to let yourself be carried away by the creations of Chef Simone Selva in which traditional ingredients are combined with exotic influences and reverberations of nature.

The Treviso Art District is the sum of seven different parts: Art, Design, Mixology, Catering, Fashion, Education and Ecology. Each heterogeneous activity finds its true essence only after being contaminated by the others. The TAD is located in a former industrial area of ​​1500 square meters, in an eclectic space where the premises have maintained their industrial nature converted to the new needs of the Artistic District.

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