UNSTUDIO / The most sustainable office building in Europe

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The Dutch group UNStudio, Led by Ben van Berkel, it has just completed the construction of 'building sustainable offices d' Europe.
This is the dell'dipartimento headquarters for Education and the National Revenue Agency, the city of Groningen in the Netherlands.

The tower is 92 meters and contains many innovations related to reducing the use of materials, to reduce energy consumption and the definition of the workplace more sustainable.



Sinuous, with a series of projections along the casing, similar to the fins, the structure dominates and is distinguished from other buildings that are located in the area. The presence along the whole development of the building of these "fins" means that there is total control of solar radiation in the environments, allowing only the fraction of light reaching the environments, blocking the heat to the outside, so as to limit the recourse to the system cooling.
A high-pressure ventilation system combines natural airflow with outflow via ducts and grilles on the XNUMXth floor facade, reducing the need for artificial ventilation
Inside, the space has been organized so that the tower in the future may be reused as a residential complex without major structural changes, in fact, has a structural grid of 1,2 meters, instead of the traditional one for offices from 1,8 meters.




Street: WAN

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