A Space of Serenity: monochromatic and minimalist design for a Yoga and Pilates studio

In2design. Yoga and Pilates studio main hall
A Space of Serenity: monochromatic and minimalist design for a Yoga and Pilates studio it has been modified: 2024-06-08 di in2design

In the heart of St. Petersburg, In2design has created an oasis of tranquility with the Yoga&pilates studio project.

The goal of this project was to create an environment that allows guests to focus on themselves and their bodies, immersing themselves in a meditative state that helps them forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Design Concept

The interior design of the studio is based on a monochromatic palette, tactile textures and soft, diffused light, all elements that contribute to creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, ideal for training. This minimalist approach was chosen to eliminate any distractions and allow guests to focus exclusively on the lessons.

Collaboration with the Customer

A regular customer of In2design, he completely entrusted the studio with the creation of the interiors for the new space dedicated to his employees. With two commercial spaces rented in a shopping center in St. Petersburg, the challenge was to transform these spaces into a gym that met all the standards and requirements needed for a yoga and pilates studio. Being already the fourth project together, the client gave the architects carte blanche, trusting their competence and vision.

A Meditative Environment

The key to the project was to create a space free of random or superfluous elements, including only what is essential for lessons. Yoga, which involves deep concentration on oneself and one's body, guided the design towards an environment that fostered a meditative state. The sliding doors, which separate the main space from the yoga studio, act as a symbolic portal that divides the noisy and frenetic external world from the calm and serene internal one.

The Importance of Detail

A particular aspect of the studio is the absence of mirrors in the room. This choice was made on the advice of the yoga instructor, who collaborated during the project and who now holds the lessons. The instructor emphasized the importance of avoiding distractions, such as reflections in mirrors, to allow guests to fully focus on themselves and their bodily sensations.

The result of In2design's Yoga&pilates studio project is a space that invites calm and reflection, allowing guests to detach themselves from the daily chaos and find inner balance. The attention to detail, the choice of materials and colors, and the collaboration with industry professionals have made it possible to create a unique environment, dedicated to well-being and tranquility.

Planning solution

project info

Project name: Yoga&pilates studio
Architecture Office: In2design
Instagram: /
Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Year of conclusion: 2024
total area: 113 square meters
Photographer: Alexandra Dubrova

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