A “villa on the roof” with a panoramic view: contrasting materials and lightness for the new project signed by Italia and Partners

A “villa on the roof” with a panoramic view: contrasting materials and lightness for the new project signed by Italia and Partners it has been modified: 2022-05-17 di Benedetto Fiori

Characterized by a particular architectural structure, with double heights and, in some places, pleasant "gabled" ceilings, the apartment is located on the top floor of a very recent building on the outskirts of Turin. With a large terrace of about 30 square meters, overlooking a truly enchanting panorama, it combines its structural characteristics with design solutions capable of giving great personality and warmth.

"One of the peculiarities of this project", explains the architect Matteo Italia of the Italia and Partners studio, who took care of the interiors in every detail, “It is precisely this double height that we find in the living area and in the largest bedroom, where the ceilings reach, at the top, 5 meters. Our design challenge was to enhance these aspects and obtain a contemporary and sophisticated result and, at the same time, warm and welcoming. "

Among the elements adopted to give a more intimate and personal touch, the wallpaper stands out "Promenade au Faubourg" by Hermés, designed by architect and illustrator Nigel Peake, which evokes a dreamlike world and gives a particular atmosphere to the living space, alongside the use of velvet, for example in the Bahia chairs by Bonaldo, chosen for the dining table in a refined point of pink. 

The wallpaper it also plays an important role in the sleeping area, where Dedar's “Rosetta” has been placed, a wallpaper crossed by raised lines that draw a writing yet to be deciphered, a secret alphabet or an ideogram, which always suggests new meanings.

The kitchen, left exposed to make the most of the spaces, overlooks the living room with its essentiality and with very clean and elegant lines, characterized by an opaque black fenix counterpointed by brass, chosen for the wall units and for some of the modules, which make it a particular and fundamental element of furniture. 

The suspended panel that decorates the wall is also in brass, giving a contemporary and almost industrial touch. A solution that hides the lighting part, making it possible to respond in an unusual way to the dual need of obtaining a beautiful technical light, directed on the worktop, and an atmospheric effect, able to correctly illuminate the kitchen space.

A table in precious Emperador marble, with burnished legs, divides the kitchen area from the living area, dominated by a corner sofa by Bonaldo, in a delicate fabric in a neutral shade, on which stand out the decorative Hermés silk cushions that reflect the wallpaper. In front of the sofa, a very important carpet also from the point of view of dimensions, by Mohebban, and a coffee table also in brass. For the equipped wall a Modulnova cabinet in heat-treated oak and the doors in matt black fenix were used with the TV screen.

To create a cozy reading corner, the Bice armchair was chosen, designed by Roberto Lazzeroni for Lema, in a fabric with a worked and evident texture. 

The attention to materials, carefully combined and often placed in dialogue, is found in the linen of the very light and natural curtains, which open the interiors onto the splendid terrace, with a biodynamic pergola with tilting slats, which can be opened completely. The outdoors is extremely welcoming and livable, with a sofa area, a coffee table and some ottomans.

Two doors open onto the hall, which lead to two different sleeping areas: the first, with the largest bedroom, is completed by a bathroom made of stoneware, with a calacatta gold effect, in dialogue with the furniture, all made to a design by the studio in canaletto walnut.

From the bedroom, made important by the double height, you can admire a vast panorama thanks to the small bow-window, of new construction, which opens the view on the mountains and Turin. The furnishings, including the bedside tables and the large double-height wardrobe, are all made to measure, designed by Italia and Partners, such as the retractable staircase leading to the mezzanine with balustrade, which can be glimpsed from the hall.

The second sleeping area it includes another bedroom and a bathroom, characterized by the sage green of the piece of furniture contrasted with the oak flooring, laid in a chevron pattern as in the whole house, and with the Azuelei tiles by Mutina.

As in all the projects signed by Italia and Partners, great attention is paid to the lighting, obtained in some areas of the house with the gorges - which have now become a stylistic signature of the studio - to design the ceiling, in which the Laserblades by iGuzzini. In the bathrooms The Mark spotlights, designed by Matteo Italia for Panzeri, have been added instead, chosen for the larger bathroom in the brass version and in white for the other, combined in the latter case with a Juncos by Flos, placed above the sink.

The particularity of the "villa on the roof" is underlined by a further element: the double access to the house, possible through the lift that goes directly to the floor, or through an entrance that connects the floor below. 

For this second option, Italia and Partners has designed and built a wooden staircase, with ribbon steps, illuminated by Tooy step marker and Excalibur lamps, in which the brass used for the living area is found: "Even in the staircase, as in all the spaces of the house, we wanted to insert a particular touch, with a reference to the dialogue between different materials, which characterizes the entire project and helps to define the particular personality that we have imagined for this house", concludes the architect Matteo Italia.

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