A minimalist luxury home with sea views

K House Babayants Architects
A minimalist luxury home with sea views it has been modified: 2024-05-10 di Benedetto Fiori

Not far from the sea in a location in the south of Russia stands a contemporary 700 square meter residence, designed by the Babayants Architects studio. With a swimming pool and breathtaking sea views, the K HOUSE is the perfect retreat for a young couple who loves entertaining guests.

The architecture of the house, composed and minimalist, was shaped by the active relief and configuration of the land. The building's solid facades overlook the street and surrounding sites, while the panoramic views and glass facades open out to the sea.

The house is an architectural sculpture that emphasizes the dynamics of lines, volumes and alternating voids. The facade is surrounded by greenery, almost never completely visible, with a centuries-old park that extends in front of the house to the sea.

From the beginning, the architects opted for a light, monochromatic façade that integrates perfectly with the surrounding landscape, characterized by tall cypress trees. The finish includes plaster and plenty of glass, while the lower floor is clad in local stone, which helps to visually "anchor" the house and emphasize the three "ventilated" floors.

On the ground floor of the house there is a gym and a hammam, with access to a deck with a swimming pool. On the second level, there is a common area with a kitchen, dining room and living room, as well as a large terrace with a shallow glass-bottomed pool, which reflects the water creating a meditative atmosphere.

The third level houses the guest bedrooms, while the fourth features a master suite with a private terrace. External and internal stairs are designed to organize comfortable routes and allow independent use of each level.

During the planning phase, the clients purchased adjacent land that extends horizontally along the sea. It was decided to build a guest house with a separate relaxation area. The goal was to create a harmonious ensemble and an effective interconnection between the two buildings.

The architects proposed the installation of an external staircase that descends from the parking lot to the level of the main swimming pool and then turns towards the guest house. The relaxation area is intimate, welcoming and completely independent and private, not visible from the main house and vice versa.

The architecture and landscaping of both houses use common solutions such as local stone masonry, light slabs, laconic lines and volumes, creating the perception of a single entity.

The Babayants Architects team has been engaged in contemporary architecture, interior design and design for 9 years. Renowned for being the leading minimalists in Moscow, for them minimalism is an artistic language as much as a way of perceiving the world and its beauty.

Living in the future, they always try to be one step ahead in every project, creating unique sensory experiences, interiors and emotions. They work with spaces, products and concepts, designing residential and public interiors, architecture, furniture and participating in trade fairs and exhibitions.

Even in difficult times, they believe that aesthetics is the fundamental value of humanity. Innovation, freedom and sincerity are the basis of a great project. Winners of numerous design industry awards, Babayants Architects continues to shape the contemporary architectural landscape with their unique and innovative vision.

project info

Project name: K HOUSE, a house on a seaside
Architecture Office: Babayants Architects
Location: South of Russia
Area: 700 sq. m. m
Social media: @babayants_architects

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