A house that marries the natural environment with elegance and functionality

Kerimov Architects Uspenskoe
A house that marries the natural environment with elegance and functionality it has been modified: 2024-05-10 di Benedetto Fiori

The house, called Uspenskoe residence, is located in the heart of the Novouspenskoe villa community, in the Moscow region, the project is by architect Shamsudin Kerimov and his studio, Kerimov Architects. With its 740 square meters distributed over two floors, this house embodies elegance and functionality, harmonizing perfectly with its surroundings.

One of the distinctive features of this residence is its location on a sloping plot, which inspired an intelligent and strategic layout of the spaces. The main entrance and garage were placed at the lowest point of the land, while the house was oriented to ensure maximum exposure to the sun and panoramic views. Thanks to this choice, the interiors enjoy a generous amount of natural light and open onto an enchanting panorama of pines and birches.

A key element of the project is the creation of an internal courtyard around which all the main rooms of the house are concentrated. This solution not only allows you to maintain a distance from the surrounding buildings, but also allows you to preserve 80% of the trees on the site, giving the residence an atmosphere of tranquility and integration with nature.

Architecturally, the Uspenskoe residence can be divided into three distinct blocks. The first houses the living room, kitchen and master bedroom area, while the second includes the garage, a home office and a wellness area with gym and hot tub. Finally, the third block houses the rooms for the domestic staff, guaranteeing complete functionality and comfort for the inhabitants of the house.
The transition between the different blocks is made fluid and harmonious by a double-height gallery, which also serves as an exhibition space for the owners' art collection. Thanks to the large windows, the gallery welcomes a cascade of natural light, eliminating the effect of dark corridors and helping to create a welcoming and bright atmosphere.

The Uspenskoe residence also boasts three terraces, two on the ground floor and one on the upper floor, which offer residents the opportunity to fully enjoy the surrounding landscape at any time of the day.
The architecture of the residence stands out for its balance of volumes, textures and transparencies, which integrate harmoniously with the surrounding context. This result is the fruit of Kerimov Architects' design philosophy, which places at the center of each project the idea that each place must have its own unique and distinctive architecture.

Kerimov Architects, founded in 2014 by Shamsudin Kerimov and Ekaterina Kudinova, has received numerous international awards for its innovative vision and approach to architecture. Among the most prestigious awards are the Design Skill Awards, the IDA Design Awards, the Kyoto Global Design Awards and many others, which confirm the excellence and creativity of the studio in the panorama of contemporary architecture.

project info

Project name: Uspenskoe residence
Architecture Office: Kerimov Architects
Location: Uspenskoye, Moscow region, Russia
Social media: @kerimov.architects

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