A new way of imagining the space dedicated to aesthetic medicine

A new way of imagining the space dedicated to aesthetic medicine it has been modified: 2024-06-16 di flavio

In the heart of Milan, there is a place that represents a new way of imagining the space dedicated to aesthetic medicine: the Botox Bar Milan.

Born from the creativity and under the guidance of designer Flavio Scalzo, this project not only redefines the traditional idea of ​​a beauty clinic, but elevates the aesthetic experience to a new level, making the interaction with the world of beauty a real sensory experience.

The innovation of the Botox Bar Milano lies in its ability to enhance the DNA of the BoTox Bar brand, transcending the traditional beauty experience through a design that is as functional as it is fascinating. Bright colours, soft lines and enveloping curves characterize the interiors, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. This approach to design not only makes spaces aesthetically pleasing, but also promotes a sense of well-being and relaxation for visitors.

Entering the Botox Bar Milan means embarking on an exciting journey that involves all the senses. Every detail, from the furnishings to the layout of the rooms, has been carefully studied to offer a unique experience. The relaxation spaces, equipped with a multifunctional lounge area, invite visitors to take a break, relax and enjoy a moment of tranquility. This attention to comfort and well-being also extends to the medical rooms, which, with their unexpected design, manage to amaze and create a serene and reassuring environment.

The Botox Bar Milan is not just a place to undergo beauty treatments, but represents a real refuge from the frenzy of everyday life to dedicate time to yourself. Here, care for the body and mind are intertwined in an environment that invites discovery and wonder. Flavio Scalzo's vision has given life to a space that not only responds to the functional needs of aesthetic medicine, but does so with a touch of originality and refinement.

project info

Project name: Btx bar
Architecture Office: Flavio Scalzo, DiciannoveDieciDesign
Client: Botox bar – Milan
Location: Milano
Year of conclusion: 2024
total area: 220mq
Photographer: Stefano Schiaffonati / Gaia Mattioli

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