A group of three isolated homes in harmony with the landscape and traditional Portuguese architecture

BD HOUSEs. ESQUISSOS Arquitectura e Consultatoria
A group of three isolated homes in harmony with the landscape and traditional Portuguese architecture it has been modified: 2024-06-20 di Benedetto Fiori

The “BD Houses” project, created by the architecture firm ESQUISSOS – Arquitectura e Consultoria, represents an example of innovation in contemporary residential design, maintaining firm roots in the Portuguese architectural tradition.

Instead of opting for the classic set of twin homes, this proposal stands out for the solution of three isolated houses, each of which favors a close connection with the private outdoor spaces. This design is conceived to guarantee the privacy of the inhabitants and allow them to enjoy the outdoor spaces comfortably.

Design and Tradition

The “BD Houses” are intended to be a modern reinterpretation of the archetype of traditional Portuguese architecture. This intention is manifested mainly in the elevations of the houses, where traditional elements are revisited with a contemporary touch. The designed plate is a key element that allows you to create a harmonious relationship between the scale of the street and that of the homes themselves. This measure not only reduces the visual impact of the buildings on the surrounding environment, but also promotes a more fluid integration of the houses into the landscape.

Integration into the Landscape

One of the most relevant aspects of the project is the way in which the houses fit into the landscape context. Thanks to the careful design, the homes do not appear as dissonant elements, but blend into a harmonious whole with the environment. This result is achieved through a careful study of proportions and materials, as well as through the layout of the houses in such a way as to enhance the private outdoor spaces.


The “BD Houses” project represents a new approach to the theme of the housing set, in balance between tradition and modernity. ESQUISSOS – Arquitectura e Consultoria has been able to reinterpret traditional Portuguese architecture, creating homes that not only respect the landscape context, but which also offer inhabitants a high level of comfort and privacy. This innovative approach demonstrates how it is possible to look to the future without forgetting one's roots, harmoniously integrating past and present into a functional and aesthetic residential design.

project info

Project name: BD Houses
Architecture Office: ESQUISSOS – Architecture and Consulting
Main Architect: Marco Ligeiro
Location: Sintra, Portugal
Year of conclusion: 2022
total area: 580,25 m2
Builder: Solmetrik, Lda
inspection: Eng. Alexandre Ferreira
Engineering: Eng. André Pardal
Landscape: Team Garden, Unipessoal, Lda
Structure Contractor: Pictocubo, Lda
acoustic design: Eng. André Pardal
Thermal Engineering: Eng. André Pardal

Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

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