Studiòvo / kitchen and dining room of a private apartment on the hills of Lucca

Studiòvo internal 01
Studiòvo / kitchen and dining room of a private apartment on the hills of Lucca it has been modified: 2013-05-10 di Benedetto Fiori

Scenic and suggestive, romantic and evocative. They are the sinuous hills of Tuscany, and in particular, those of the Lucca area, the stage of this intimate house whose kitchen and dining rooms were designed by Studiòvo. Modernity and essentiality the guidelines followed by designers Marco Vincenzi and Andrea Caturegli, who have called on the leadership of natural materials such as oak wood combined with light colors and bright.

Studiòvo internal 02

Seamlessly, the interior of the house, with its authentic simplicity, seems to merge with the beauty of the surrounding landscape, thanks to the generous glass wall, leaving the gaze free to admire the green expanses all around. To dominate the environment, with a surface of about 30 square meters, clean lines and delicate colors - white, ivory and cream in the first place - with a small chromatic exuberance given by the splendid Le Soleil fiery red suspension by Foscarini.

Handcrafted by a local carpenter, the kitchen furniture in light oak is defined in their purity by seats, also in wood, signed by Pedrali. And if the beams on the ceiling recall the architecture of traditional Tuscan farmhouses, it is the choice of the totalwhite coating in Corian DuPont for the island, the kitchen and the riser that gives a touch of contemporaneity to the whole environment.

Design crisp and sincere and stunning views make this home a perfect retreat from the bustle of quotianità.

Studiòvo internal 03

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