Rural Boxx / Nest

Rural Boxx / Nest it has been modified: 2011-11-23 di jessica zannori

Nest it is a nomadic structure, an easily removable and transportable dome, a refuge to take with you, everywhere. Like an Indian tepee or a Mongolian yurt, Nido is a temporary home, a place for play and relaxation, for the meeting of people and improvised events. Made with scrap materials and felt it is a highly stable structure that

lends itself to become an outdoor lounge with cushions and hanging objects, or a gazebo, where musicians and DJs alternate overnight. Nido appears and disappears, camouflage shelter in a city park or covered with climbing plants in a garden.



NIDO from Alessandro Zorzetto on Vimeo.

DESIGN: Alessandro Zorzetto, Francesca Modolo
STAFF: Luciano Aldrighi, Luca Vivan

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