Refurbishment of a 1906 attic in Almirante Reis, Lisbon, dialogue between different times and technologies

Almirante Reis Lisboa Bala Atelier Apartment
Refurbishment of a 1906 attic in Almirante Reis, Lisbon, dialogue between different times and technologies it has been modified: 2021-06-29 di Benedetto Fiori

By intervening with a renovation in an attic, more precisely in the attic of a building dating back to 1906, in the XNUMXst century, a dialogue between different times and ways of living, but also between the respective construction methods which should coexist harmoniously.

Thus, in the genesis of the renovation of this 90 sqm apartment, in addition to overturning the weak pre-existing housing conditions, the maintenance of the historical heritage of this construction typology, retaining the elements deemed relevant for the characteristics of that period.

Examples are the stone masonry, the irregular stone masonry wall, the wooden beams and the pillars of the roof, which reveal themselves and become a memory of the original construction system. A rigorous approach is established with particular attention to detail, choosing pine wood as a raw material, enhancing the harmony and compatibility between this material and the others selected.

The apartment was initially very partitioned and with low ceilings. Its spatial transformation took place immediately and intuitively, and involved the transformation into a more open floor with higher ceilings by taking advantage of the pre-existing attic.

Opening the central area, it settles down a new functional organization, with greater visual relationships between the different spaces. Its volume has been increased, the depth of the apartment has been improved in its visual ratio of the east / west axes and the natural lighting and ventilation have increased. The new configuration of the space allows a dynamic and flexible home experience.

The closed space of the kitchen is abandoned and in the central space with greater ceiling height a large kitchen and dining room surface is outlined.

The transfer of the bathroom inside the apartment allows you to free all the windows in the central space. This bathroom becomes the only internal space of the house, where a luminous tunnel with skylight is introduced. This new internal and central volume stands out from the attic as it is clad in polished brass, reflecting the spaces around it.

The informal bedroom space it relates to the others in the house and can be opened or closed through a scenic element - a golden velvet and silk curtain - which runs along the extension of the brass wall.

La wallpaper introduces a rich color palette, which spreads to the ceramic tiles of the old fireplace, the walls of the bathroom and the stone of the kitchen worktop. Furniture, lamps, carpets and plants have been carefully selected as an extension of the architectural design narrative.

project info

Project name: Apartment in Almirante Reis
Architecture Office: BALA atelier
Main Architect: Mariana Póvoa, Silvia Rocio, Pedro Pedroso
Location: Avenida Almirante Reis, Lisbon, Portugal
Year of conclusion: 2020
total area: 90 sqm
Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

Manufacturers / Brands

Lighting: Flos, GUBI, DCW, Miniforms, HAY, tom Dixon, Lefroy Brooks, Marset, Manufactum, Areti
Furnishings: Zanat, Porada, Sollos, E15, Artek, ClassiCon, Fermliving, Design House of Stockholm
rugs: AYTM, Line Design
Wall Papers: Thibaut
Tiles: Viuva Lamego
Curtains: Fátima Neto Atelier
Switches: Berker / Hager
Kitchen: Bulthaup, BORA, Smeg
Others: GSI, Olivari, SAL concept store
Plant Styling: Superbotany

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