Renovation of the Penha Apartment in Lisbon: an intervention of contemporary and material elegance

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Renovation of the Penha Apartment in Lisbon: an intervention of contemporary and material elegance it has been modified: 2024-06-15 di Benedetto Fiori

In the heart of the Penha de França neighborhood in Lisbon, the architecture studio Paulo Moreira Architectures has completed a refined renovation of an apartment, transforming it into an example of contemporary elegance, materials and functionality.

The apartment, which had reasonable structural conditions but a compartmentalized layout and obsolete infrastructure, underwent “surgery” to adapt to modern needs without losing its original character.

Transformation of Living Spaces

The living area, originally divided into three separate rooms, has been revolutionized thanks to the removal of a wall. In its place, a shelf was inserted which not only visually separates the dining room from the living room, but also increases the brightness and transparency of the space. This new architectural element creates a visual continuity that makes the environment more open and welcoming.

Adjacent to the living room, a small alcove devoid of natural light was opened up to create a quiet workspace. With the growing need to work from home, this solution allows you to have two separate and functional workstations, one near the dining room and the other in the renovated alcove, perfectly integrating domestic life with professional needs.

Reorganization of the Kitchen and Bedrooms

On the side of the apartment facing the internal courtyard, the kitchen has been kept in its original position, but enriched with new independent structures that act as functional furniture. These elements, created as real pieces of furniture, allow optimal management of space and kitchen utensils.

The master bedroom has been transformed into a suite by connecting it to the original bathroom, previously accessible only via the external balcony. This intervention significantly improved the usability and privacy of the room. A shared bathroom has been added to the center of the apartment, characterized by open and transparent furnishings, in line with the style of the other architectural elements present.

Recovery of the Balcony and Color Palette

A significant aspect of the project was the recovery of the balcony, which had been closed. By reopening it, natural light and fresh air were allowed to enter the bedrooms again, improving the quality of the living environment. Part of the balcony has also been dedicated to a laundry area connected to the kitchen, further optimizing the available space.

The color palette chosen for the apartment's paints and finishes is based on shades of light beige, which dialogue harmoniously with the surrounding buildings of the Lisbon district. The use of materials such as metal and local limestone gives the interior a unique and contemporary identity, while everyday objects and utensils add a touch of authentic domestic life.

The Penha Apartment project by Paulo Moreira Architectures represents a perfect example of how a well-thought-out renovation can transform a living space, making it more functional and aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining respect for the surrounding historical and architectural context.

project info

Project name: Penha Apartment
Architecture Office: Paulo Moreira Architectures
Main Architect: Paulo Moreira
Collaboration: Hermínio Santos, Nahed Nabhan, Elena Borghese, Laurane Coornaert, Francesca Cazzulani, Cynthia Iao

Location: Lisboa, Portugal. Lisbon, Portugal
Year of conclusion: 2021
Total area: 170m2
Builder: Espaços e Formas, Lda

I photograph . Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

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