Interior design of an apartment: the house as a place of life and emotions

Interior design in Bologna - Francesco Meneghello
Interior design of an apartment: the house as a place of life and emotions it has been modified: 2021-08-04 di Benedetto Fiori

Francesco Meneghello signs the interior project of an apartment, located in a recently built context with low environmental impact in Bologna, connoting it as a poetic buen retiro imagined around the passions of the young couple of owners.

In every room of the house you can breathe a modern romanticism and a vital balance, which never admits monotony, between the purity of the architectural details, the energy of the works of art and the material and scenographic value of the furnishings and decorative objects.

The living area it is a space that finds ample space between the air flows and the cuts of natural light. 

The monumental sofa in the center is the key element of domestic sociality and of the space that opens onto the kitchen - separated only ideally by a semi-reflective sliding wing - in continuous dialogue with the rear mirror, both designed to give visual depth and create plays of light. .

Each element of the kitchen, custom designed for the project, from the essential volumes, to the refined pop elements, up to the tasting area with cellar, it is dedicated to the pleasure of hospitality and conviviality in all its forms.

Specular to the kitchen and visible from every corner of the living room, the terrace it has an atmosphere of natural quiet from which the chaos of the city seems a distant memory. Wrapped in multiform plants, it brings inside the house all the simple beauty and scents of Mediterranean nature, like a little one hortus conclusus domestic, today more precious than ever.

The corridor, intended as a place of transition, is deliberately essential and is characterized only by a distorting mirror that invites into a dimension of second reality, of dreams and introspection.

If the living area tells the sunny soul of the house and the taste of the meeting, the private area it has a more intimate and discreet atmosphere. The accentuated contrast between black and white that characterizes the living room leaves room for soft combinations, soft tones, natural materials.

As always happens in the interiors of Francesco Meneghello, also in this project thelighting plays a fundamental role in defining spaces.

THU light creates suggestions, invites you to read space and things in an unexpected way, accentuates the material strength of the furnishings and surfaces. The light modifies the perception of the environments following the rhythms of the day and the events that follow one another. Thus the sensations multiply and the house, constantly transforming itself, reveals its free and changing nature, becoming an expression of life and emotions.

Project info

Architecture Office: Francesco Meneghello
Architecture Office Website: here
Architectural photographer: Thomas Pagani

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