Palagio Engineering, Prospazio and Lea Ceramiche: cutting-edge technology and Lamborghini

Protoshop Lamborghini
Palagio Engineering, Prospazio and Lea Ceramiche: cutting-edge technology and Lamborghini it has been modified: 2012-08-02 di Benedetto Fiori

Protoshop Lamborghini opened in recent days in the presence of the Minister for the Environment, Land and Sea, Corrado Clini, and the CEO of Lamborghini, is the first building of an industrial multi-storey Class A, designed by Prospazio with the collaboration, among others, of Palagio Engineering for the engineering of the ventilated wall and Lea Ceramiche for its coating.

5000 m2 intended to fund prototypes of Lamborghini, made operational in only 300 days building site. A considerable effort planning and supervision of works by Prospazio, young and dynamic study of engineering and architecture of Modena, for a structure that stands at the highest levels of environmental sustainability.

Protoshop Lamborghini has been designed and built to be the first industrial building in Italy to obtain the energy classification A, for which each component contributes to the achievement of this result. Wrapping and coating represent the core of this structure with the adoption of ventilated facades high performance, the perfect solution to solve any need structural thermal and acoustic. The final design of ventilated walls was built, in a strategic way, from Palagio Engineering, which also supplied the aluminum system XL for ceramics, while the coating is Slimtech by Lea Ceramiche.
One built for Lamborghini is a building that is different from the usual industrial fabrications, thanks to the strong personality dictated by bold lines and sharp edges, and which takes the value of contemporary architecture by the soul in which design, safety and energy saving is a critical element relevant.

Protoshop Lamborghini 2

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