The ceramic nursery school in Fiorano Modenese

The ceramic nursery school in Fiorano Modenese it has been modified: 2014-05-28 di AlePi

Entirely made of ceramic, the new building is designed to accommodate children from the 9 36 months. A project "social" that will also serve the territory of Fiorano Modenese community.

Ceramics Made in Italy is the absolute protagonist of this project that combines the convenience and healthiness of this material with its thousands of colors and decorative forms. 

Versatile, stylish, functional: ceramics lends itself to a thousand jobs and is part of our daily lives more than you might think. There we find it around every day, in supermarkets, restaurants, school, hotel, airport, hospital, many other public spaces intended for heavy traffic. As well as in our homes, of course. Already, because this material, in addition to being particularly tough and durable, is compact, waterproof, easy to clean and refractory powder, germs and any other harmful substance to health.

Other virtues? Certainly it is made in Italy, it reflects an Italian taste for beauty that expresses itself in an infinite variety of sizes, colors, surfaces and decorative effects that fit perfectly into any environment, both internally and externally, by coating with elegance and creativity walls , floors and architectural volumes.

Ceramic is absolute protagonist of a "social" project in favor of children, born from the collaboration between public administration and private: this is the new kindergarten of Concorde Group, one of the leading global players in the ceramic industry, built to host children of its employees and also serve the surrounding area.

Made entirely of ceramic, the new building stands on a 4500 sqm land with a covered area of ​​1000 square meters in the municipality of Fiorano Modenese, and has just been inaugurated. Ultra-modern and high architectural value, adopts many cutting-edge solutions such as self-cleaning coatings mounted on a ventilated wall, antibacterial flooring, underfloor heating, the total water recycling and advanced systems for safety and energy efficiency.

But the protagonist is the ceramics, in its many versions and facets, repeated in the floors and walls of all rooms. Take the bathrooms, for example: the collections used are signed by FAP ceramics, a company of the Concorde Group. The design choice is based on a single and decisive fil rouge: color. Orange-mandarin, green-forest, gray-ash alternating with white tiles that reconstruct a cheerful patchwork of contrasting shades. The tiles used are those from the Archicolors collection of porcelain stoneware floors and walls, proposed in the 20 × 20 size and available in over 20 different shades.

Dedicated to the memory of Don Arrigo Mussini, the new kindergarten is run by a social cooperative non-profit organization and is intended to accommodate children between the 9 and 36 months. The structure, however, also serve the surrounding area, welcoming even some younger guests of the Fiorano Modenese community.


FAP asiloConcorde bathroom 1

FAP asiloConcorde bathroom 6

FAP asiloConcorde bathroom 19

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