THE BIO-ARCHITECTURE AND HOUSE DREAM it has been modified: 2012-07-05 di Enrica Garuglieri


always Dream House, In addition to meeting the issues concerning energy saving, seeks to promote, through his work, the respect of 'technology and ecosystem using environmentally friendly techniques and materials, paying particular attention to the orientation of the rooms based on the path of the sun, and staying up to date on the latest news of bio-architecture.

We seek in all our work to apply the principles of ecological design by optimizing the relationship between housing and environment, promoting the psychological well-being of manLooking to use natural resourcesEmploying techniques and environmentally friendly materials, possibly kilometer zero.

It is important to assess the path of the sun to establish the orientation of the various rooms and especially of windows and glass surfaces, this saves on heating costs in winter and on those lighting.
In principle the rooms occupied will be located to the south so you can enjoy all the brightness of the afternoon light.
As an example, the optimum location for the kitchen and the living room is south-east respectively for the first, the southwest for the second.
Staining recommended for these areas are cool colors, from pure white to the full range of blues and greens, so plenty of sunshine present in these rooms will help to warm them.
All environments that do not require excessive light, such as closets, will be placed to the north, running from thermal buffer for the local area, isolating them from the cold of winter.
The colors responsible for these rooms are yellow, orange or pink.
The sleeping area is on the orientation east, since it is covered by the first rays of the sun, benefits for revival energetic, appropriate colors are shades of beige, because the natural light is sufficient.
The spots to relax, as the living room, are located to the west.
Where the bright light of the afternoon is suited to accompany readings and conversations.
In this side of the house recommended colors are grays and blues alongside more vibrant colors, which are heated by sunlight at dusk.

In color choices of the house will be necessary first to evaluate some parameters: The natural lighting of the room, Considering the quality, quantity and orientation of openings, their size and arrangement, for example dark rooms require light colors.
Artificial lighting of the room, considering the amount of light points and their sources, intensity and diffusive mode, for example incandescent lights allow you to use a range of colors less hot, as they have a dominant yellow-orange.
Time and quality of permanence of the room.
For rooms where you spend the most time is important to make decisions related to the function and the quality of time spent.
Another important trick is the "green roof" or "green terrace", such as the one used by the architect Stefano Boeri for the Vertical Forest ©, where they will be positioned 900 plants in all the balconies of the building.
This new idea of ​​"green terraces" offers big advantages: the plants help to optimize, recover and produce energy, also protect from direct, let in the light, windproof, naturally humidify environments, capture fine dust, produce oxygen and mitigate noise pollution.
Examples of plants that remove some pollutants such as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and carbon monoxide, modifying and interacting with the microclimate of the neighboring areas, are the gerbera and dracaena.
Thanks to these small and large devices House Dream seeks to integrate the human activities to natural phenomena, with the aim to realize a massive improvement in the psychological well-being and quality of present and future life of each individual and family.

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