Kaspiyka, a marine restaurant that seems created by an old fisherman – Bureau ARCHPOINT

Kaspiyka marine restaurant Moscow by ARCHPOINT photo credits Olga Alekseenko
Kaspiyka, a marine restaurant that seems created by an old fisherman – Bureau ARCHPOINT it has been modified: 2023-03-10 di Benedetto Fiori

Kaspiyka is a marine restaurant located at the Chistye Prudy metro station in Moscow. The restaurant has a marine feel with references to the Caspian, Black and Mediterranean seas highlighted by the blue and white color palette and installations of molluscs or octopuses hanging from the ceiling.

The interior does not look like a strict design concept. It seems that the owner, a tanned elderly fisherman, built a restaurant out of the things he had and gradually added new details: collected chairs and tables, hanging paintings, bought here on the shore from a free artist or painted by himself, cushions and knitted blankets on sofas, casually seen in a shop. He has seen some ideas in similar restaurants on other shores, in other countries and from other fishermen. And so this place gradually grew under the careful eye of the owner.

Archpoint architects managed to create such a story in this marine restaurant in the center of bustling Moscow and, just like this fisherman, they brought together many details that have become the best neighbors.

Kaspiyka is a seafood restaurant, which means that the customer will find all kinds of fish and seafood on the menu, including oysters, mussels and rapans. An interesting feature of the place is that here you can not only order seafood as a meal, but also buy it fresh to take away. To make this possible, the architects have placed a glacier inside a real boat, which looks like it has been abandoned on the beach for over a month. It is a real art object that attracts the attention of visitors at the entrance. Scales are also suspended from the ceiling on which purchases are weighed.

The blue-white gamut is taken as a basis. Near the entrance there are blue-white tiles, the brick vaults of the building are painted with light paint and covered with jute, crumpled blue metal sheets and blue ceramic sconces attract attention. The bar is covered with blue tables, under the ceiling there are blue lamps in the shape of an arc, similar to unfurled sails, and plaster mussel islands. The blue octopuses hang above on ropes and poles, which hark back to the Greek tradition of drying seafood like this off the coast. From the furniture here are wooden tables covered with paper tablecloths, woven beige and blue Viennese chairs, arranged on the parquet.

Kaspiyka is a restaurant that never fails to amaze its guests, not only for its marine atmosphere but also for the details encountered at every step. If on the first floor the color choice focuses on white and blue, on the lower floor the atmosphere becomes more intimate and the choice of colors moves towards neutral shades of beige and white.

The living room below is much more minimalist, with fewer marine details and less blue, but still maintains a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Here there are also sofas covered in soft fabrics that create a more intimate and comfortable atmosphere. Original works of art hang on the walls, done on canvas in a deliberately shabby, unframed style, as if they had been bought from a merchant in the market. Throughout the lounge are baskets, woven rugs, macrame rugs and cushions.

A summer terrace has been set up outside the restaurant where, on the hottest days, you can enjoy fish and seafood outdoors. The terrace is equipped with tables, chairs and parasols, making it a perfect place to spend a pleasant evening with friends and family.

This marine restaurant stands out for its unique atmosphere, which reflects the passion and commitment of its owners. Many details were handcrafted, such as the weathered boat, frameless paintings, dented metal panels, and beaded curtains. Thanks to these details, guests can feel the sincerity of the place and the caring hand of the owner, making everyone want to return to the restaurant to enjoy more pleasant quiet evenings.

project info

Project name: Kaspiyka
Location: Moscow, Myasnitskaya st., 24/7, building 2
Architecture office: Bureau ARCHPOINT — Valery Lizunov, Ekaterina Ageeva, Elena Potapova
Photo: Olga Alexeenko
Area: 396 m2
Year: 2022


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