The park of Polcevera and the Cerchio Rosso by Stefano Boeri, under the bridge of Renzo Piano in Genoa

The park of Polcevera and the Cerchio Rosso by Stefano Boeri, under the bridge of Renzo Piano in Genoa it has been modified: 2021-05-13 di Benedetto Fiori

"Polcevera Park and the Red Circle" is the name of the project with which Stefano Boeri won the competition for the redevelopment project of the area below the new bridge in Genoa designed by Renzo Piano.

The characteristic of this park that immediately catches the eye is the presence of this large red circle designed by the architect Stefano Boeri.
This circle has a circumference of 1057 m and delimits the boundaries of the park with a cycle-pedestrian area.

At the end of this park, the "tower of winds" will be erected, a 120 m high wind tower which, with its wind turbine system, will be part of the new Polcevera energy network.

The project managed to obtain funds directly from the Municipality of Genoa and at the moment it was elected to UNESCO as one of the best renovation projects launched during the year in the world. The architect and designer Stefano Boeri has just presented the project for the Red Circle, designed in collaboration with already studios Milan program e Inside Outside.

Parco del Polcevera and the Cerchio Rosso: a park that looks to the future

The goal of the project is turn the current image of the Polcevera valley upside down, from a complex and tragically disastrous place to a territory of sustainable innovation for the revival of Genoa itself.

The first novelty of this park is that will be at 100% carbon neutral, this means that the surrounding power supply system will consist solely and exclusively of renewable sources to definitively reduce CO2 emissions, which would be a great step forward for a highly polluted area such as the industrial area of ​​the Port of Genoa.

The post-tragedy desolation and the industrial technical heritage that particularly characterize this place must not be aimed at marginalization, but at an evolution that must take place in a positive way.

Stefano Boeri describes this park as a continuous flow of energy, which creates the progressive imaginary of a place where man will never stop despite tragedies and misfortunes, where man will always continue his production chain for the development of civilization, but all under a new atmosphere that it highlights the environment, colors and positive emotions, rather than dullness and desolation.

The park will be crossed in the center by an installation designed by the artist Luca Vitone, a vial formed by 43 trees (equivalent to the number of deaths during the collapse of the Bridge) each of them accompanied by cultural ornaments dedicated to the great personalities of the history of Liguria.

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