Il Nido di Carta: when the love of books defines interior design

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In the heart of Milan, there is a decidedly out of the ordinary apartment, born from the creative mind of Icona Architetti Associati and tailor-made for a couple of passionate book collectors.

The project, called "Paper Nest", represents a perfect combination of metaphor and functionality, transforming the home into a true literary refuge.

A refuge for books and people

From the very beginning, the project is inspired by the concept of the book as a central metaphor. The clients, in fact, wanted a house that was not only comfortable and welcoming, but which revolved around their immense book heritage, made up of thousands of paper volumes.

Capturing the essence of the book, characterized by flexibility and affordance (ability to offer different possibilities of use), the architects created an enveloping nest, covered with bookcases and volumes. The paper, although devoid of volume and structure, becomes the key element to define the spaces, distributions and finishes.

The full-height bookcase: a scenographic and functional element

At the center of this paper nest, a real reading machine stands out: a full-height bookcase that opens and closes like a book, modulating the rooms according to needs. An ingenious mechanism, inspired by the gesture of turning a page, allows you to join or divide the living room and study with a fluid and effortless movement.

A dynamic and modular apartment

The ingenuity doesn't stop there. The entrance, a sort of minimalist hall, leads on one side to the kitchen, hidden behind a sliding chestnut wood wall, and on the other to the living room, dominated by a large full-wall bookcase. The latter, opening like a book, reveals the study, creating a unique and versatile environment.

A tribute to the love of books

A poetic and romantic touch enriches the space that precedes the sleeping area. An antique pink sofa, surrounded by shelves full of books, becomes the backdrop for a unique installation: a selection of pages taken from different volumes, which tell the love story of the clients.

Each element of the Nido di Carta was designed and made to measure, according to the tastes and needs of the owners. From the bookcases and wardrobes to the study and kitchen furniture, everything speaks of sartorial attention to detail, which makes this literary refuge a true design jewel.

A Borgesian inspiration

The project by Icona Architetti Associati echoes Borgesian atmospheres, where books are transformed into architecture and architecture into books. The Paper Nest thus becomes a magical container, which contains and reveals infinite worlds, just like the pages of a book.

A combination of imagination and functionality

Nido di Carta represents an exceptional combination of imagination and functionality. A project that demonstrates how architecture can translate into poetry, creating spaces that are not only habitable, but capable of exciting and telling stories.

project info

PROJECT: A tailor-made paper nest
ARCHITECTURE OFFICE: Icon of Associated Architects
YEAR: 2020

Architectural project
Executive project
Artistic direction
Construction supervision
Custom furniture design
Lighting design

DESIGN TEAM: Federica Poggio and Marco Orto

LIGHTING PROJECT: Icona Architetti Associati in collaboration with Black out
Living room wall lamps: Rotaliana- Frame
Table suspension: Nemo – Zirkol custom laid
Mobile support lamp: Flos – Taccia
Hall floor lamp: Artemide – Castore
Backdrop wall lamps: DCW – mantis
Entrance/corridor spotlights: Ego Luce
Master bedroom wall lamps: Artemide – Tolomeo
Master bedroom ceiling lamps: Flos – UT spot track
Master bathroom wall lamps: DCW – Gras
Master bathroom ceiling spotlights: Ego Luce
Play room lamps: Nemo and Rotaliana
Kitchen suspension: Flos – Aim 3 black elements

Dining room table: Gamba Cattelan – Eliot
top based on IAA design in marble
Sofa: Ditre
Living room furniture: Sangiacomo
Center tables: Antiques from the 50s
Curtains: Dedar
Armchairs: Indoor use - original 50s reupholstered with Christian Fischbacher fabric
Kitchen: Based on iaa design: Copatlife,
Laminam plan
Miele appliances in collaboration with Colombo Arredi
Flush-to-the-wall doors: Ferrerolegno

Walk-in wardrobes: Designed by IAA in collaboration with Buila carpentry
Master bathroom cabinet: designed by IAA in collaboration with Buila carpentry
Pivoting and sliding door in chestnut kitchen: designed in collaboration with Buila carpentry
Wall bookcases, revolving bookcases, study furniture, entrance furniture, walk-in wardrobes, master bedroom wall wardrobes and master bedroom bookcases:
designed in collaboration with Buila carpentry

Sky ceramics

Living room: Glamora – custom designed
Play room: Cam Cam Copenhagen

Internal parquet: Oldfloor on a custom painted design

Paper sculptures and backdrop wall: Isabella Genovese – Wonderlan Studio
Diptych room: Nicolas Galtier
Master bedroom painting: Banksy

Monica Spice

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