ICONIC Tower: Pininfarina Architecture, Italian Design Redefines the Dubai Skyline

Pininfarina Architecture Iconic Tower Dubai Internet City Podium Pool
ICONIC Tower: Pininfarina Architecture, Italian Design Redefines the Dubai Skyline it has been modified: 2024-06-15 di Benedetto Fiori

Pininfarina Architecture has unveiled the ICONIC Tower project, a luxury residential tower that will be built in the dynamic Dubai Internet City district.

Design and Architecture: A Work “Carved by the Wind”

The ICONIC Tower, scheduled to open in 2027, is set to redefine Dubai's skyline with its 60 floors. The tower's design was conceived as an artistic response to the region's wind flows, giving the building a structure that appears to be in constant motion. The main facade, oriented towards the Persian Gulf, is characterized by sinuous shapes that evoke the tranquility of the waters moved by the sea breeze. The internal side, however, turns its marked lines towards the desert, taking inspiration from the dunes sculpted by the wind, creating a visual contrast that further elevates the aesthetics of the project.

Internal and external spaces: luxury and functionality

The podium of the ICONIC Tower houses an entrance lounge equipped with a restaurant and café, an exclusive car park on five levels and a terrace with an infinity pool, multifunctional spaces and outdoor relaxation areas. The residential spaces are developed in three distinct blocks, giving the structure a unique dynamic that enriches the urban panorama. The apartments, 310 in total, offer breathtaking views of the coast thanks to the large terraces and floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing natural light to flood the interiors and creating a continuum between inside and outside.

The middle floors of the tower include a second terrace with a swimming pool for adults, a lounge bar and a spa, offering inhabitants an oasis of well-being and relaxation with a privileged view of the city.

Italian Excellence and International Standards

The ICONIC Tower was designed with the aim of achieving the Platinum level of the WELL Building Standard, ensuring maximum well-being and quality of life for residents. With a history of over 90 years in the automotive design sector, Pininfarina has been able to transform its expertise into a global architecture and lifestyle brand, with award-winning projects around the world.

Collaboration and Innovation

The collaboration between Pininfarina and Mered represents a perfect combination of technology, aesthetics and functionality. Mered, recognized for its ability to transform the real estate sector through strategic partnerships and innovative vision, has chosen Pininfarina to create an architectural masterpiece that will positively influence Dubai's urban landscape.

project info

Project name: ICONIC Tower
instagram: @pininfarina_arch_design

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