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The house, like the nest, desire for intimacy, chest of memories; often we want it to reflect our origins, our lifestyle, our customs, those who belong to our family, to our people. The house as one of the most personal assets that we own; we want to talk about us and our way of life to all who will come, relatives, friends or strangers. The house as a thread that links past and present, and that only this can mitigate the nostalgia for the distant homeland. For this often Italians who are having to renovate or decorate their home abroad, want to reach out to Italian architects, who can empathize with them, to redesign the living space following what excellence Made in Italy teaches.

This house can be just across the border, in Switzerland for example, may be overseas, in the United States, or may be in a country very far away, such as Australia. No matter the distance, the important thing is that even in a country far away family, couple or single Italian feels at home. Also for this were born Kit House Dream, to allow those who have to renovate or decorate their home abroad can count on a continuous advice and qualified architects of Italian at a distance, because new technologies are now able to break down geographical barriers caused by the remote, allowing you to communicate and collaborate on a project. With our kit Dream House, we can help the customer to furnish their home abroad with the excellence of Italian design, we can help to reshape the spaces placing them in a new concept, we can help to renovate old impersonal places to turn them into spaces that reflect the taste and the particularity of the customer, we can help to build a dream home, even for the most distant dreams.

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