House on Track: A Creative and Bold Loft in the Heart of Rome

House on track STUDIOTAMAT ©Seven H. Zhang
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In the Esquilino district of Rome, a few meters from the platforms of Termini Station, there is "House on Track", a 95 mXNUMX loft fusion of bold design, bright colors and musical influences.

Designed by STUDIOTAMAT, an architecture firm known for its creativity and innovation, this apartment was designed for Matteo Soddu, co-founder of the firm, and his partner Sergio Marras. The peculiarity of the project lies in the overlap between designer and client, which allowed a 360° design and a perfect union between domestic and architectural dimensions.

Located in a late nineteenth-century building, the apartment overlooks Termini Station. The three French windows in the living room and study offer a view of the travertine wall and the control tower designed in the early twentieth century by Angiolo Mazzoni. From the balconies, the view can range between the Temple of Minerva Medica, the Horti Linciani, the church of Santa Bibiana and the imposing water tower of the station, creating a surprising mix of chaos and wonder, the very essence of Rome.

Originally, the apartment was dark and cramped, with narrow hallways and low ceilings. The renovation aimed to create a central open space for the living room, restoring the original ceiling with brick vaults and standardizing the rooms with a neutral floor without texture. Color plays a key role in defining spaces, minimizing doorways and creating a sense of openness and versatility. The heart of the loft is now an open space that combines the kitchen, living room and living area in a single harmonious environment.

The custom-designed kitchen combines contrasting materials: steel for the drawers and the top, birch for the wall units, fridge columns and pantry. A large vintage table with a checkered top is perfect for convivial dinners. The living area is furnished with a black leather sofa, a coffee table and vintage armchairs purchased at a flea market in Berlin, while an open metal shelving unit houses a rich collection of vinyl records.

A distinctive touch of the project is the console equipped with mixer, turntables and CDJ, made of iron and painted in cherry-coloured powder, which dominates one of the main walls. The brick vaulted ceiling, illuminated by baroque appliques in pure white linen, adds a touch of industrial elegance.

The entrance features a custom-designed neon light point depicting a smiley face, a tribute to acid house and the owners' musical passion. From the central open space you access the study, which also serves as a guest room, and the sleeping area.

The studio is characterized by an intense blue that recalls the sea of ​​Sardinia and Greek houses, interrupted by a lime-colored resin that runs through the rest of the apartment. Inside, a desk, a Wassily armchair by Knoll and a niche with a sofa bed complete the furnishings. The master bathroom, covered in tiles of three shades (yellow, pink, amaranth), is separated from the bedroom and overlooks a silent internal courtyard.

The bedroom is a single mustard-colored volume, with a wall shaped to accommodate a shelf and Nemo's Lampe de Marseille. A large wall equipped for the wardrobe is screened by a full-height curtain with a toile de jouy pattern, in contrast with an Aperitivo pendant lamp by Servomuto.

With original details, vintage furnishings and a bold color palette, this loft is a testament to STUDIOTAMAT's ability to create unique and charming spaces.

project info

PROJECT NAME: House on Track
ARCHITECT: STUDIOTAMAT (Tommaso Amato, Matteo Soddu and Valentina Paiola)
PROJECT TEAM: Silvia D'Alessandro, Alice Patrizi, Sara Costanzo
STREET ADDRESS: Esquiline, Rome
CLIENT: Sergio Marras, Matteo Soddu
DATE: 2023
PHOTOGRAPHER: © Seven H. Zhang

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