Great success for the edition number zero Expop: Wins Orbital Park

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Great success for the edition number zero Expop: Wins Orbital Park it has been modified: 2012-07-02 di Benedetto Fiori

The association nursery has announced the results of the edition number zero Expop , held at Vivaio Riva on Thursday 21 June. Expop's intention is to “open” Expo to the participation of all, allowing anyone to present and exhibit their project to improve Milan: a creative and stimulating opportunity to reflect on the great opportunity that Expo 2015 represents for everyone. In the event 10 projects by creatives and personalities from the world of culture were presented. Over 1000 people visited the event expressing their preference among the projects on display.

“A lot more people arrived than we expected” - say the organizers - “so much so that we had to reprint the forms and postpone the closing time. The only ones who didn't see each other were the politicians and the leaders of Expo. Too bad because they would have drawn ideas to do useful things without the alibi of money, actively involving citizens. Perhaps this is precisely the problem of Expo: we believe that Expo is an opportunity for the whole city, not a game of interests for a few. Citizens know this. Others maybe not. "
Having scrutinized the votes of the public, the weekend members Nursery have also expressed their preferences to integrate the popular judgment, as regulation exposed on the site:

Here are the official results of the first edition of Expop.

Results popular vote (first three places)
1. Orbital Park James Biraghi (20,6% of the vote)
2. Artist's Zoo Duilio Forte and Martina Mazzotta (16,8% of the vote)
3. Expop Teen Manuela Ravalli and Giulia Telli (12,3% of the vote)

Vote of the jury (projects deemed most important to support the realization)
- Artist's zoo Duilio Forte and Martina Mazzotta
- Orbital Park James Biraghi
- Italy's Art Alessio Ficara

Winner edition Expop 2012 Park Orbital James Biraghi
Honorable Mention for public involvement: drinkability Thomas Cecca Leone and Luca Zampa

For the edition of Expop 2013, the association Nursery promise to start the three projects selected and possibly others among those proposed.
All those wishing to present their projects to participate in the edition Expop 2013 can send their proposals to
For further information:

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