E'vento Green, art + sustainability, Milan

E'vento Green, art + sustainability, Milan it has been modified: 2012-03-19 di Benedetto Fiori

The Cultural Association Naeli Milan, in collaboration with the Arya Cultural Association Milan and the National Institute of Bioarchitecture Milan section, presents It's Green Wind, an unprecedented multidisciplinary review that aims to affirm and disseminate the values ​​of solidarity and improvement of people's lifestyle with an in-depth study of sustainability issues. The initiative includes an artistic exhibition and an interactive path.

Art exhibition 
The exhibition consists of works by artists of international fame: Farhan Siki, Elastic Group of Artistic Research, Cracking Art Group, David Coulter, Laurina Daisy Duck, Raffaele Iannello, Natalia Saurin, Guido Scarabottolo, Paolo Rui, Shout, Fraud, Alfonso Bonavita, Giorgio Lo Cascio, Francesco Vitali, Mario Couriers, Paul Ceribelli Michele Negri from Oleggio, Claudia Botta, Emanuele Prina. All the works are donated by the artists and will form a permanent collection at the Children's Museum of Fossa (AQ). The curatorship is entrusted to Francesco Vitali, artist, director, set designer of international renown.

Interactive route
The exhibitors will show with concrete examples, some completely unpublished, how their activity improves the quality of life of people and the environment. The direction of the interactive path is entrusted to Vittorio Piaggi, Vice President of the INBAR National Institute of Bio-architecture section of Milan. Among the exhibitors: Targetti, with a demonstration by eco-lighting; INBAR National Institute of Bio-architecture with the design of a playground experimental; PIDA Ischia International Prize for Architecture with the first eco-police station Italian; Arianna Callegari with a project on production of electricity through the motion of mini-turbines operated by the passage of vehicles inside tunnels. Elsa Garden, with the setting up of a suspended garden; Idea with a PM video equipment powered by solar energyBarbara de Romedis and Francesco Vitali an installation on primary energy in our dishes.

Artistic Performance

Opening March 25 2012 17,30 from hours to 22,00
Realization of a live work by the street artist Fraud. The performance includes interaction with the children and young people who will intervene.

Party of finissage 21 April 2012 19,00 from hours to 24,00
Audio-video performance of Elastic Group of Artistic Research, in world premiere, which provides for the turning off of the street lamps in the surrounding streets to allow projection on the entire building where the exhibition is housed.

Art, sustainability and solidarity
E'vento Green is a cultural and artistic initiative that aims to affirm and disseminate the values ​​of solidarity and improvement of people's lifestyles, also through the non-profit aspect of the initiative for the benefit of the Children's Museum of Fossa (AQ) in construction: The initiative is in fact the natural conclusion of the interactive workshops for children, on the theme of nature, organized by Mubaq and culminating with the Festival of Trees scheduled in Fossa (AQ) on 21 March 2012.
The works of art that will be donated to Mubaq represent different disciplines condenominatore common environmental or sustainability in general.

E'vento Green is sponsored by: Municipality of Milan Zone 6, Presidency of the Regional Council of Abruzzo, Province of L'Aquila, Municipality and Pro-Loco of Fossa (AQ).

The exhibition will be open every day from 25 March to 21 April 2012 from 9,30 to 20,00 except on 8 and 9 April during which it will be closed for the Easter holidays.
Space Seicentro, 99 Via Savona, Milan

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