ESCP Business School presents the project for the new Turin Campus: over 8000 square meters to accommodate almost 1550 students from all over the world.

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ESCP Business School presents the project for the new Turin Campus: over 8000 square meters to accommodate almost 1550 students from all over the world. it has been modified: 2024-05-11 di aaapress

ESCP Business School presents the project for the new Turin Campus: over 8000 square meters to accommodate almost 1550 students from all over the world.

The new Turin headquarters of the Business School is born a few steps from Piazzale Valdo Fusi: architecture by TRA - Toussaint Robiglio Architects, interiors by G*AA, Subhash Mukerjee Studio and Conrotto projects.

ESCP Business School presented the project for the new one in recent days Campus di Torino. Almost twenty years after its establishment in the Piedmontese capital, a new synergistic chapter opens between the Business School and the city with the new headquarters in the Piazzale Valdo Fusi area, between Via Doria and Via Cavour. The beyonds 8000 square meters of the Campus will host almost 1550 students from all over the world in an academic center within the Historic Central Area, destined to fuel the increasingly clear university vocation of the city.

Born with the enthusiasm of one start-up, over the years the Turin office has been able to build relationships and synergies with national and international companies thanks to leading teachers on the European scene and the constant renewal of educational programs, capable of providing students with excellent training to stand out in the dynamic global economic landscape. The new ESCP Business School Campus, which is scheduled to open the fall of 2024, aims to define even higher infrastructure standards for teachers, students and staff.

“Today is an important day for every member of ESCP Business School – said Francesco Rattalino, Executive Vice-President and Dean for Academic Affairs and Student Experience of ESCP Business School - The new headquarters of the Turin Campus brings us closer to the heart of the city, with an architectural project designed to provide tools of the highest level and which reflects the DNA of ESCP, the oldest business school in the world at the same time constantly focused on innovation: a dialogue between heritage and future that the new building will express perfectly. In these twenty years our relationship with Turin has constantly strengthened: today ESCP Business School is a point of reference within the university offering at a global level and thanks to the multicampus and multicultural model, it has contributed to making the city a strong internationalization hub. Along this path we have simultaneously built a dense network of relationships with the local and national entrepreneurial fabric, which responded immediately with strong enthusiasm. In these dialogues between past and future, and global vocation and local excellence, probably lies the main reason for the excellent results achieved in the relationship between ESCP Business School and the city of Turin. In a few months, in this new house, a new chapter of this story will begin. The objective will be to further develop the role of the Campus in the Italian panorama and continue to be able to intercept global challenges to train the leaders of the future".

“In this historical period made up of two characterizing elements - he has declared Francesco Profumo, President of ESCP Turin Campus - the speed of change on the one hand and the uncertainty of the future on the other, creating a Campus like the one that ESCP Business School is preparing to build means laying the foundations for a new way of conceiving high-level training. The guidelines that will define the world's next economic and social scenarios must lead us to consider every university institution a "workshop" of ideas capable of providing answers to the challenges of tomorrow. Every student and every teacher who passes through this Campus must not forget to, respectively, learn and teach the models of responsible leadership and the educational vision in which we have always believed. Only in this way will our values ​​be able to provide the tools to understand and improve the scenarios of the future."

“The new ESCP Business School campus - he has declared Stefano Lo Russo, Mayor of Turin -  It's a really positive sign for our city. We want Turin to increasingly become a place where young people can find the ideal environment to carry out their educational path, and a city where they can choose to stay to complete their life journey. Seeing excellence in training investing in our territory means that we are moving in the right direction. The presence of ESCP in the educational offer of our city, already extensive and of a high level, reaffirms that being a university city is one of Turin's primary vocations, and the project of the new campus demonstrates that we can continue to have the objective of being point of arrival, at European level, for students." 

“BNL BNP Paribas – they stated Filippo Gelosi, Head of Project Management & Engineering – Development HQ Tiburtina Srl, and Elena Magnani, Head of Real Estate Area – Banca Nazionale del Lavoro SpA - is particularly proud to be an active part in the creation of the New ESCP Campus in Turin, together with the companies and professionals who are partners in this project. The intervention is conceived in an innovative way with the aim of urban regeneration and energy efficiency of the existing building heritage, according to criteria of sustainability, safety, environmental and architectural quality. This initiative demonstrates the Bank's attention and commitment to the city of Turin specifically and, more generally, to all those initiatives that, at a national and local level, involve the community. This is in line with BNL's role not only as an economic-financial operator but also as a company and group that looks at society, people and their needs."

The draft TRA – Toussaint Robiglio Architects for the architecture of the new headquarters of ESCP Business School is centered on the concept of vertical urban campus, an emerging global trend, the result and at the same time a condition of a recentralization of knowledge-based functions in the centers of metropolitan areas. The new Campus combines the charm of the building owned by the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) located in Via Cavour 28-30, dating back to 1877 and radically transformed in 1982, with the features and flexibility of a modern construction through the integration of a new contemporary volume intended to house the large conference rooms and hemicycle rooms, respectful of the historical matrix and perfectly in harmony in dialogue with the rest of the building. In a relationship between past and future, the project is characterized by an ambitious sustainability strategy, with the aim of define a reference model for the redevelopment of historic buildings within the historic central area of ​​Turin. 

“We are reusing an important building from the late 800th century – they stated Isabelle Toussaint and Matteo Robiglio of TRA – Toussaint Robiglio Architects - in which we insert a new, decidedly contemporary volume: thus a vertical campus of 8000 m2 is born in the historic heart of the city, combining conservation and innovation, past and future. It is a cutting-edge structure for international university education, conceived by embracing the most modern practices of environmental sustainability and energy saving, open to the city thanks to the covered square and the cafeteria, promoting a new dialogue between local and global.”

The interior design, curated by G*AA, Subhash Mukerjee Studio, Conrotto projects, aims to enhance the spaces of the building, conceiving the physical place and architecture as a vehicle for human interactions. Reception, learning center, classrooms, auditorium, cafeteria: each area aims to undermine the traditional academic hierarchy in order to bring together students, teachers, potential guests and also citizens, offering spaces for aggregation and exchange according to the principles promoted by ESCP.

“Our project – said the Arch. Subhash Mukerjee together with the other interior designers Attilio Giaquinto e Gianluca Conrotto – believes that, despite the recent accelerations in the development of distance learning, physical meeting places and their quality will be even more important. They will have to be able to embrace new technologies without being overwhelmed by them, preparing for a future capable of coexisting with the past. The very architecture of the new headquarters recalls these principles: a historic building but the subject of a radically modern expansion; an entrance through a "square", an archetypal meeting place, which here also functions as a place of exchange between school and city."

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