Ecrueve, interior design by Stipfold

Ecrueve, living
Ecrueve, interior design by Stipfold it has been modified: 2019-02-23 di Benedetto Fiori

The straight walls of the dining room and kitchen have taken a curved shape so that the transition between the hall and the living room is smoother. To create subtle gradations, the living room wall is in vertical stripes.

The lines are also applied to some other walls and objects. The dark materials in the spacious house are juxtaposed with soft shapes and shades of beige. The intricate lights are attached to the oval backlit sheets, which are layered on the ceiling.

A refrigerator is hidden behind white marble doors, which mimic the top layer of the kitchen island. Raised shelves are integrated into the kitchen and dining room walls. The children's rooms have soft colors; while the sphere and cloud shaped lights are delicately suspended from the ceilings.

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