How to keep the original character with a modern touch. Renovation of a house in the village of Zhukovka in Russia

Renovation of a house in Zhukovka in Russia. Bureau ARCHPOINT. Photo Olga Alekseenko
How to keep the original character with a modern touch. Renovation of a house in the village of Zhukovka in Russia it has been modified: 2023-03-21 di Benedetto Fiori

Renovating a house is always a challenge, as the owner will be attentive to every little detail. Customers do not always succeed in realizing their wishes, and designers have to not only embody the main required characteristics, but also anticipate customer preferences in many aspects. This is exactly what the ARCHPOINT team did in the renovation of a private house in the village of Zhukovka, near Moscow in Russia. In this project, the main task was to refurbish the old interior for a new young family while maintaining the original character of the house. The works involved all the rooms, the total area of ​​which is over 200 square meters.

The interior design of the house turned out to be truly spectacular and rigorous. The architects achieved this effect by using soothing colours, fine natural materials (such as marble, stone and wood), sophisticated furniture from world-renowned brands (IPE Cavalli, Fendi), elegant chandeliers and a well thought-out layout of the rooms.

The client's desire was to keep the designer furniture and integrate it perfectly into the new environment. This idea was implemented on the first floor. Many furnishing elements have been preserved and the layout of the rooms has been slightly modified. Thanks to this, the comfortable furniture sparkles with new colors. The interior designers kept the large sofa, armchairs, coffee tables, elegant kitchen table and chandeliers.

On the first floor, a dark and calm tone serves as a contrasting background for the fireplace and the marble staircase, made of black and white Dalmatian marble. The fireplace portal is decorated with light stone panels from Lithos Design with a 3D effect. There is a stone staircase of the same marble, with a distinctive stone motif in front of the fireplace.

The second floor with two master bedrooms has been completely renovated. During the renovation, none of the designers knew what the master bedroom would become.

The first bedroom “Turquoise” was designed in contrast between the turquoise shades of the fabric and the golden “liquid metal” finish used on the wall panels and furniture. The “Brown” bedroom, on the other hand, is more rigorous, thanks to the combination of beige enamel and a rich range of American walnut.

In the space of the bedrooms, walls with headboards are highlighted as accent elements. If in the “Turquoise” bedroom a natural Lithos marble surface with backlighting is used, then in the “Brown” bedroom the wall is accentuated with a smooth relief pattern imitating marble made from plaster. The furniture in both bedrooms has been chosen to match the main color of the décor. Volumetric chandeliers and point lighting manage the lighting of the bedrooms. It is important that all combinations are very light, and the bedroom spaces are filled with air.

Both bedrooms adjoin soberly decorated bathrooms, furnished in accordance with a light to dark color scheme. The worktops and mirrors by IP Cavalli are framed by elegant frames. Naturally, the authors have provided for different lighting options – from the main light to spot lighting under the sink and bathtub.

Particular attention has been paid to the wardrobes. The two bedrooms have also been decorated with the colors introduced in the bedrooms. The designers placed functional wardrobes made by local artisans, as well as chests of drawers and a cosmetic table by IP Cavalli.

Thanks to the work of the designers, the whole space in the house has become unified and attractive. At the same time, the whole area remained autonomous and now fulfills not only the functional purpose but also has a unique character.

project info

Architecture office: Bureau ARCHPOINT — Valery Lizunov, Sona Gamzyan
Photo credit: Olga Alexeenko
Area: 270 m2
Year: 2022

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