China wood sculpture museum by MAD Architects

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China wood sculpture museum by MAD Architects it has been modified: 2013-05-08 di Marica Pitotti

Il museum of sculpture in wood located in the middle of a thriving metropolitan district Harbinin China, Extends to 200 meters long, seemingly out of place, surrounded by a densely populated Chinese-style residential complexes. The museum embodies some of the ideals that define particular conceptual and formal work MAD architects, bring out the expression and abstraction of nature from the surrounding environment.

The exterior of the building is covered with polished steel plates, reflecting the environment and the changing light. The walls ensure minimal heat loss, while the breaking movement and twisting of the emerging skylights divides the surface and allows entry to northern Chinese sunlight, which provides sufficient diffused natural lighting to the three rooms for the internal.

The museum mainly houses local wood carvings and paintings depicting the ice and snow of the regional landscape. In the context of the large modern urban environment, the museum itself serves as a new interpretation of nature. The surreal interaction between the museum and the city breaks the boredom of the urban environment, revitalizing the surroundings with a new cultural function.

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