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Single-family house among the cork oaks - Hugo Pereira Arquitetos
Single family home in the cork oaks, Cork Oak House | Hugo Pereira Arquitetos it has been modified: 2021-06-24 di Benedict Flowers

The aim of the project was the construction of a single-family house on a lot with extraordinary morphological characteristics, which remained almost intact and unaltered. The land, about 12 thousand square meters, is located in a protected area due to the existence of numerous cork oaks, the planting of the house has allowed the maintenance of all existing plants.

The development of this single-family house project took into account the strong relationship with nature, making it an integral part of the home and a key element in enhancing the interior space. The natural environment and the panorama that can be enjoyed were the decisive elements for its construction. The lightness of this construction is accentuated by the details and the environments linked together, and by the mixture of green of the various trees and shrubs, a constant presence in every space of the house.

The choice of construction elements was defined taking into account the visual impression produced and the surrounding shot. The exterior of the house it is all built in concrete with the traditional process using pine wood boards and with the stereotomy studied according to the scale of the surfaces and the whole. The slope of the facades suggests the continuity of the ground, camouflaging the house in the ground and in nature also by choosing its color, the shade of which allows to highlight the green of the surrounding environment.

The concrete walls remain atinterior of the house in contrast with the glass walls that allow abundant natural light, from east to west, and the nature that abounds outside, be they large trees or shrubs that flavor the environment and attract magnificent species of insects. Inside the house there are large and bright spaces, the kitchen opens onto the dining room and living room.

In perpendicular the three suites e upstairs a large and panoramic space. The floor is covered with black tiles, continuing the external courtyards, both on the roof and on the ground floor. The dark color of the flooring contrasts with the wood of two key elements: the furniture flowing and suspended that cross the kitchen, the dining room and the living room and whose asymmetry is similar to the house and the corridor furniture, also suspended, which begins a final tone and “rips” the door of the master suite.

The existing furniture and decorative elements have been carefully chosen and framed in the architecture of the house. The access to the house is from a Portuguese granite road that goes around the cork oaks and ends in the asymmetrical edge of a large volume that gives grandeur to the entrance of the house. The lighting was strategically placed in a less aggressive and artificial way.

The narrow swimming pool, with crystal clear salt water, is an excellent space to contemplate nature with the chirping of birds as background noise.

Project info

Project name: Cork Oak House
Architecture Office: Hugo Pereira Arquitetos
Main Architect: Hugo Pereira and Diogo Jordão
Location: Celorico de Basto, Portugal
Year of conclusion: 2020
Total area: 330 m2
Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

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