Bridge house, modern materials and clean lines dialogue with nature

Bridge House. Study
Bridge house, modern materials and clean lines dialogue with nature it has been modified: 2024-05-15 di Benedetto Fiori

Architecture can be more than just a building: it can become a harmonious fusion of form and surrounding environment. This is precisely what the “Casa Ponte” project, created by the studio stu.dere – Oficina de Arquitetura e Design, Lda, aims to embody.

In this residence, nature merges with the structure itself and with the modernity of the materials, creating a unique and engaging living experience.

The house stands on land characterized by a peculiar morphology, narrow and long, which profoundly influenced the design of the entire structure. The main objective was to maintain a strong link with the surrounding landscape, making the most of the altitude of the land and the two accesses to the site. The result? The building becomes a sort of architectural bridge, creating a harmonious connection between inside and outside.

The silhouette of the Bridge House is outlined by a large concrete roof, which rests on two light volumes made of polycarbonate. This choice not only gives the building a suspended and light appearance, but also adapts to the local needs of sloped roofs. The exterior stands out for its clean and squared lines, with the skilful use of materials such as concrete, aluminum and polycarbonate, which give a contemporary and elegant character to the structure.

But the true beauty of the Casa Ponte lies in its ability to create fluid and connected spaces, which extend harmoniously outwards. The volumes covered in polycarbonate house the most intimate areas of the house, guaranteeing privacy and tranquility, while the glass ones accommodate the social areas, promoting communication with the surrounding environment.

Attention to detail is also evident in the interiors of the Casa Ponte. Here, the choice of materials, such as wood and microcement, creates a visual and sensorial continuity with the external spaces. The large windows capture natural light and open the house towards the surrounding gardens, allowing the inhabitants to fully enjoy the beauty of nature without giving up the comfort of the interior spaces.

The variations in ceiling height, created by the gable roof, give dynamism to the social spaces, while a rectangular opening on the roof allows light to penetrate and accentuates the atmosphere of elegance and continuity. Ultimately, the Casa Ponte is not just a residence: it is a work of architectural art that celebrates the harmony between man and nature.

project info

Project name: Casa Ponte. Bridge House
Architecture Office: stu.dere – Oficina de Arquitetura e Design, Lda
Main Architect: Ulisses Costa

Location: Amarante, Portugal
Year of conclusion: 2023
Total area: 970 m2
Constructor: Habirobim – Construção e Reabilitação, Lda

Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

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