House in Romeira: A Contemporary Architecture Integrated into the Portuguese Rural Landscape

DP Architects. casa na romeira
House in Romeira: A Contemporary Architecture Integrated into the Portuguese Rural Landscape it has been modified: 2024-06-15 di Benedetto Fiori

The “Casa a Romeira”, designed by the dp arquitectos studio, represents a fascinating example of contemporary architecture that manages to integrate harmoniously with the Portuguese rural landscape.

Located on the edge of Romeira, in Santarém, this house not only shapes its environment, but humanizes it and makes it concrete, giving it meaning and purpose.

Access and Path

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Casa a Romeira is its hidden access. This is not a house immediately visible from the public road; on the contrary, you have to go around a small hill and climb up alongside a grove of holm oaks, preserved in its natural integrity. This route not only offers ample privacy, but also creates a sense of discovery and anticipation. As you get closer to the house, you can appreciate its structure and design, creating a visual and sensorial connection with the surrounding environment.

The Organization of Spaces

The house is conceived as an aggregation of different volumes, each with its own identity and function. This fragmentation of the whole allows for an overall volume that appears reduced, thanks to the dematerialisation of the total mass of the building into smaller elements. Each volume is designed with specific topological attributes that define its function, creating a sum of autonomous but interconnected spaces. This approach not only enriches the aesthetics of the building, but also facilitates its daily use.

Integration with the Landscape

The design of the Casa a Romeira is clearly inspired by the rural Portuguese landscape. In particular, it refers to the "montes", traditional buildings erected in positions dominating the landscape, made up of volumes positioned informally. This reference to tradition is evident not only in the choice of volumes, but also in the materials and construction techniques used. The house thus manages to establish a dialogue between past and present, integrating contemporary aesthetic and construction elements without losing sight of the cultural and landscape roots of the place.

An Existential and Humanized Place

The Casa a Romeira project is not just an exercise in architectural style; it is a vision that aims to create an existential and humanized place. Inhabiting this space means being part of a broader context, enhancing the visual alignments on the territory and helping to define a new visual reference point in the landscape. The house is not just a refuge, but an active element that enriches and structures the place in which it is located.

project info

Project name: HOUSE IN ROMEIRA
Architecture Office: dp architects
Main Architect: Diamantino Maia Pinho
Location: Romeira, Santarém – Portugal
Year of conclusion: 2023
total area: 263 m2
Builder: Construções Saldanha Alves, Lda
Engineering: Pitta Soares & Partners

Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

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