Bologna, an architectural salvage in style Made in Italy.

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Bologna, an architectural salvage in style Made in Italy. it has been modified: 2014-11-03 di Alessandra Picciolo

Palazzo dei Banchi, Bologna. From the windows of this beautiful historic building overlooks the whole piazza Maggiore, with view on the beautiful Basilica of San Petronio.

Here, the collaboration between the architect Andrea Bernagozzi of Arkitettura Workshop, Space Interiors of Bologna and Cotto d'Este was made a recovery project based on the idea of ​​"home key", designed with cutting almost tailored to the needs of the customer.

The house in question is a private apartment located in the historic building, built around the 1400 on the project of the famous architect Jacopo Barozzi.

The project involved the renovation of the bathroom area and redistribution more functional spaces interior. Through the demolition of a wall of the corridor, has implemented a seamless integration between the entrance area and the living area, expanding and enhancing existing spaces. Not only that, in this way is also favored an immediate glance on the windows that overlook in Piazza Maggiore. The result? The room earns breath, light and visual impact thanks to the direct view of the beautiful view of Bologna.

The presence of wooden floors required a minimally invasive surgery and the use of lightweight materials. The choice fell on the line Kerlite Elegance of Cotto d'Este, a leading manufacturer of floor and wall tiles. A tile with a minimum thickness of 3,5 mm, the result of cutting edge technology that combines the practicality and durability of porcelain lightness. In addition to the service area, the series Kerlite has also been used for the lining of the kitchen and decor on shelves. The final effect is that of an extremely refined, in perfect harmony with the elegance and charm of the historic Palazzo dei Banchi and the surrounding context.



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