White, purity and elegance: the new Boutique Dentaire in Città di Castello – Studio Svetti Architecture

White purity and elegance. FQ Boutique Dental. Studio Svetti Architecture
White, purity and elegance: the new Boutique Dentaire in Città di Castello – Studio Svetti Architecture it has been modified: 2023-03-19 di Benedetto Fiori

The FQ Boutique Dentaire Clinic, located in Città di Castello (PG), is a project created by Studio Svetti Architecture which renews its collaboration with Studio Quinti. The star color of this new headquarters is white, a symbol of purity, elegance and imperturbability that punctuates the internal and external spaces of the building.

Studio Svetti Architecture has adopted the “rationality of nothing” as the concept behind the project, with the idea of ​​creating an abstract space of lines and geometries that translate into internal and external architecture. The new FQ Clinic, specialized in dental implantology and aesthetic medicine, has expanded its offer and consequently its spaces, allocating a part of the rooms to outpatient use.

The project develops over two floors connected by a spiral staircase which becomes the optical axis of the space like an avant-garde sculpture. The environments follow one another in a rigorous order, marked by the repetition of flush-to-the-wall wooden windows that alternate or contrast with those in glass and aluminum. Inside the clinics, the furnishings burst into the purity of the white space, with blue details that enhance the surfaces and become denotive elements of the FQ brand.

The FQ Clinic represents an original and unconventional environment compared to the cliché of traditional medical clinics, which seeks to put both the user and the medical staff at ease. Purity, minimalism and order are the basis of the project, which makes architectural geometries and colors a tool for taking full advantage of the light that arrives from outside, making the glass surfaces work like a crystal set in a volume of cement.

In conclusion, the FQ Clinic represents a project of great visual impact, in which white becomes the absolute protagonist of the architecture, creating an elegant, modern and comfortable environment. Thanks to the collaboration between Studio Svetti Architecture and Studio Quinti, the FQ Clinic presents itself as a creation of great architectural and functional value, capable of responding to the needs of the client and the medical staff, putting attention to the environment at the center and the quality of the services offered.

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