Sophisticated Architecture in an Enchanting Landscape: Bodrum's U-House Reimagined by Slash Architects

Sophisticated Architecture in an Enchanting Landscape. U House Bodrum. Slash Architects
Sophisticated Architecture in an Enchanting Landscape: Bodrum's U-House Reimagined by Slash Architects it has been modified: 2023-04-16 di Benedetto Fiori

The sophisticated architecture of the U-House in Bodrum is the result of a project carried out by the architects of the Slash Architects studio, which involved six different areas of an existing house. This residence, immersed in an enchanting landscape, is part of the prestigious Seba Küçükbük Houses complex in Bodrum, and was conceived as a summer house made up of independent villas within a private residence. The architectural interventions carried out in this project focused on six different areas of the house, including the main entrance, the staircase leading to the upper floor, the pool area, an outdoor bar, an outdoor unit of cocoon and finally a service area.

Since the land on which the house stands is uneven, meaningful ways had to be found to connect the different zones and make the U-House a coherent entity. Slash Architects identified as their first priority the creation of a phenomenal entrance that would connect the street level to the villa level. In a subtle approach, a staircase has been camouflaged through gardening techniques to create a pleasant passageway to the entrance, giving the best possible first impression of the villa. The gate, designed by architect Şule Ertürk, was carefully crafted to harmonize with other areas to come, including the owners' personality in the design. The materials selected for the intervention are a combination of corten copper and concrete, based not only on taste but also on the impressive stone work carried out on the facades of the unit's external enclosures. The balance created between the warm looking metal and the neutral concrete delicately accompanied the stone work without stealing the show, being an expensive material. Combining landscape and architecture, the entryway is graced with copper vases, light boxes on the steps, sculptures, a midway bench and a varied selection of plants. All these elements harmoniously create an experimental path through the entrance of the U-House.

The pool area, originally secluded and with no areas for sunbathing or sitting around it, was subject to an intervention by the architects of Slash Architects to create an appropriate surrounding. Design decisions include building a surrounding wall, leveling the pool, and creating two different sunbathing areas. Indeed, right next to the pool, a built-in lounger-shaped bench has been installed as an extension of the official sunbathing area. Additionally, the entire floor has been replaced with hardwood floors to bring the warmth of a family home outdoors. In the constant search to express the identity of the owners in the design, graphic and lighting elements complete the architectural work. The open bar area, connected to the pool area, displays a continuous flow and rhythmic design through a precise selection of durable materials for the external environment and in harmony with the other materials used.

The most unique element of the architectural intervention is the attached housing unit, or “U-Nest” as we like to call it. It is set on its own level and is accessed via a staircase from the pool level and from above, where the main entrance was originally located. Slash's architects describe the U-Nest's design language as a mix of sobriety and sophistication with a minimalist approach. Intended to perform essential functions, it stands powerfully on a hill-shaped platform, overlooking a splendid view of the sea. This same view has led to opting for a completely transparent facade that represents a fine line between the internal and external environments. Speaking of boundaries, the idea was to create an infinite seam between the unit's two sliding walls. Therefore, extremely thin profiles have been carefully selected to maintain the effect of infinity. The interior of the nest is a welcoming space with an iconic concrete countertop and fireplace. Once again, the warmth of a family home has been transported to the U-Nest to give the U-House its own unique design language, look and feel.

Finally, the service area was the subject of a careful architectural intervention. Its original location was rather hidden and not very functional, so Slash's architects worked to transform it into an efficient and well-organized space. Well-defined storage areas have been created, such as a garden tool shed and a utility room for everyday items. In addition, functional and resistant work surfaces have been installed to facilitate maintenance and property management activities.

In summary, the architectural intervention by Slash Architects in the Bodrum U-House has created an extraordinary result. Thanks to careful and focused planning in six different zones, a visual and functional harmony has been created throughout the property. From the main entrance to the pool, from the bar area to the annexed living unit, every detail has been taken care of to create a welcoming and sophisticated family home. The skilful use of materials such as Corten copper and concrete, combined with graphic design elements and lighting, has made this summer house a unique and fascinating place. The Bodrum U-House is an extraordinary example of how architecture can transform an existing home into a luxury residence, integrating functionality, aesthetics and the owners' personalities into a single design language.

project info

Project Name: Bodrum U House
Project Location: Bodrum, Mugla, Turkiye
Office: Slash Architects
Design team: Şule Ertürk, Nergis Kahraman, Fatima Zahra Ghazli
Architectural Team: Şule Ertürk, Nergis Kahraman, Fatima Zahra Ghazli
Contractors: Or Studio Architecture
photography: Alt Kat Architectural Photography
Project Year: 2021
Total Construction Area: 500 sqm

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