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architecture skeins HOUSE TI
Architecture Matassoni / TI House it has been modified: 2012-08-09 di Benedetto Fiori

HOUSE T, detached apartment building project to be realized in Montevarchi (Arezzo). The work carried out by the clients in the nursery sector and the natural vocation of the place with trees of great value, have inspired the choice of the basis to address the interior outward extending the functional areas most important.

Flap cover with geometry in the delta and its aeronautical section, takes the form of a large wing light, detached from the masses below.

The structures that surround the outdoor spaces alternate environments nature containment environments capable of dissolving gradually in nature.

The architectural elements of higher order form of macro-structures that unify the whole and offset the complexity of the volumes, giving the house a serene sense of stability with their highly developed horizontally.

Project: Architecture Matassoni

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